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Tips for Baking with Einkorn

Tonight I’m making Sloppy Joe’s for dinner & converting one of my recipes to the IP.  I’ve done it once before and it was fantastic! Maybe I’ll post my recipe for that next week. I’m also making fresh hamburger buns with Einkorn flour. Have you started baking with Einkorn yet? Last week I started a new Facebook Group called Einkorn Exchange. It’s designed for offering tips/answering questions, exchanging baked goods and recipes made with Einkorn. Please look us up if you’d like to join!

Anyway, I remember the first time I was making something with Einkorn I was so frustrated with it’s stickiness that I almost threw the whole mess strait in the trash! Haha! ?? To save you that feeling here are a couple things to remember to get you started:

*Get the Einkorn cookbook. It has so many helpful tips on working with Einkorn and so many great recipes that you will use over and over again. It is well worth the small investment.

*Weigh your flour and water on a kitchen scale if you are using yeast in your recipe. It is more accurate.

*Use a wooden or hard silicone spatula to mix & work the dough. The less you handle it the better. And some recipes you don’t need to handle or knead at all.

*Do not add extra flour to your recipe. In general this is a bad idea as it will make your product dry and heavy. Einkorn will be more wet than what you’re used to in regular baking for many recipes.

*After the dough is left to “rest” for 15 minutes or the first rise (like in making tortillas, rolls/bread sticks, hamburger buns) it will be much easier to work the dough with your hands as it will have absorbed more of the liquid.

*Give yourself some grace. It will take time to learn how this works. I’m *still* learning! There will be failures but if you keep at it there will be delicious success! And keep those “mistakes” for breadcrumbs to use in meatloaf or if it’s somewhat salvageable make croutons! ?

*Start with the Brooklyn Blackout Cake in the Einkorn cookbook. It is delicious, easy and it will give you some confidence in your journey. Yum! ?

Einkorn Experts: What’s your favorite tip?

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