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My Trim Healthy Mama Review & Pre-Pregnancy Weight Goal Met!

Today I am so excited that I FINALLY got to my pre-pregnancy weight! It was slow coming off because I wasn’t too hard on myself about it, especially while breastfeeding. I didn’t really get as serious about it until the New Year. 

To give you a little background, my pregnancy weight gain was a little excessive. I gained 30 pounds! In the beginning I was still eating healthy, just as I usually do. I really didn’t have cravings except once for biscuits and gravy. I quit drinking coffee while pregnant. It wasn’t too hard to break that habit since I didn’t really like the taste anymore. Which was so strange- I’m a HUGE coffee lover! Unfortunately, I wanted hot chocolate instead, which was way higher in sugar & calories than my normal coffee so that didn’t help. And all of a sudden towards the end I wanted cake pops with my hot cocoa. Not a good situation! I just knew I was having a little Jimmy because my husband loves hot chocolate and hates coffee. I was right about having a little Jimmy! Caleb is just like his Daddy. 


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Here’s what I did:

*Trim Healthy Mama About a year ago I decided I would try Trim Healthy Mama. I love trying new recipes so I bought the cookbook. And instead of “being on a diet” I tried to look at it more like just trying a bunch of new recipes. Which was awesome! You don’t feel deprived at all. Until Caleb was 20 months old I was breastfeeding so I wasn’t super strict about it and I still lost weight. 
*Cut out sweetened drinks. My morning coffee with cream only and any cups thereafter black. Except a couple cheat days & a celebratory coffee with cream & honey today!
*Drink more water
*Cut out modern wheat as much as possible unless special occasion or out to eat. See my post Wheat Belly to find out more. I still eat Einkorn, the original wheat and make my own bread products at home.
*Exercising a few times a week. Just beginner things like postpartum core exercises & aerobics. 
*Liquid fast 1 time per week. This I only did at the very end and for only 2 weeks. The 3rd week was only a half day fast. Those last stubborn couple of pounds were driving me crazy & fasting is very beneficial for the body. 

Now that I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight, I’m going to continue to lose a few more pounds. Reason being I would like to get rid of more visceral fat and be at a healthier BMI to reduce my risk of diabetes and other major health issues. My family needs me and I want to be as healthy as possible!

I highly recommend the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. So many delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert recipes! However, I do not recommend the use of Stevia as it has been linked to miscarriage. You can still lose weight using their plan and cookbook but with natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey in moderation and coconut sugar (lower glycemic than the others). Let me know if you’d like help converting sweeteners and trying Trim Healthy Mama the whole foods way. I’m happy to help!

How is your health journey going? Do you want/need to lose weight? Just try these tips & I promise you that you will reach your goal if you keep at it! Let me know how I can be an encouragement to you. 

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