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My Husband’s Missions Trip to Belize

Early this month my husband took a missions trip to Belize with some friends from church. Just the men went on this trip while the ladies and children stayed home. The ladies got together while the men were away for various activities and a couple times I got to join in the fun. It was the longest my husband and I have been apart, and certainly the longest Caleb has been without Daddy. Caleb did very well, though I could tell he missed his Daddy greatly.

My husband was gone for 10 days. The guys in this group went soul winning everyday, except the day they headed home. Talk about dedication! I kept telling my husband you guys should do something fun while you’re there, you are on vacation too! So they went swimming in a nearby lake and played with iguana’s. Haha!




My husband said the food there was good. It’s almost like eating all organic there, only it’s half the price. And they all rave about the watermelon juice and lime juice so much so, I’ve made them both for my husband. Unfortunately they haven’t turned out very authentic yet. I’ll keep trying!






My sweet husband brought me back a beautiful blanket and a coffee cup from this little shop. He knows me too well. Ha! And for Caleb a sling shot. What a fun Dad!

Time to hit the streets






This area was VERY receptive to the gospel. These 5 men worked about 6 hours a day giving the gospel and in the 9 days of soul winning, they had 365 people saved as a team. My husband said just about anyone would listen to you there. He even had a couple of elderly people saved there, which is incredible.


The men enjoyed this trip so much that there is plenty of talk of them going back later this year, if not, then next year. Possibly with the families next year. It would be pretty awesome to see that many people get saved! I’m so proud of my husband for going on this trip and his contribution to the group. Praise the Lord for these men who took time away and sacrificed to go do something great for the Lord and get people saved. May the Lord bless all of them beyond measure!

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