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My Husband’s Birthday

We went to Maryland for my husband’s birthday a couple weeks ago to visit his parents. Since we were going out of town I gave him his birthday gifts early. He needed some phone and car accessories for his new car and he loves Raggedy Robins/No Bake Cookies. We took the cookies on the trip to munch on during the flight. Can you believe the TSA almost didn’t let my homemade cookies through security? Apparently organic oils from peanut butter alert them. Funny thing is we had cookies in both bags and only my bag alerted them. Ha! I’m always the one who gets harassed by the TSA for some reason. ?

Anyway, we had a great visit with his parents. Grandma and Grandpa had so much fun playing with Caleb. Caleb had a ball. He never wanted to sleep, he was afraid he would miss something. We spent our days visiting, eating good food and playing games with Caleb. It seemed like it was both my husband’s birthday and Caleb’s! Caleb loved having someone push him down the road in his red sports car. My husband treated me to getting my hair & nails done which was so sweet! I was daily trying to talk my husband’s parents into moving to AZ again. This time I think I succeeded but the actual move may be a couple years in the works. I’m so excited!

His parents took us out to eat to celebrate my husband’s birthday. My husband had Crab Cakes, one of his favorites! It was a very nice dinner and we really enjoyed the time together. Caleb picked off everyone’s plate, mostly Grandma’s because she had French Fries. 
One day we all went to the mall. Grandma wanted Caleb to ride the train and she wanted to get him a treat from the candy store. Needless to say, we all ended up getting treats! 

On my husband’s birthday we flew back home. We stopped at the Keg for dinner on the drive home from the airport. It’s my favorite place! I’m so lucky to have my husband take me out for a steak dinner on his birthday! My husband asked me, “Is there anything else you’d like for MY birthday?” My husband cracks me up! 

It is such a blessing to be married to this man. He is so loving and generous. A wonderful father and husband. Happy Birthday Honey!

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