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Mega Marathon Results

The Mega Marathon 2018 was on March 31st. Christians from all 50 states and many countries got involved and went out to preach the gospel on the very same day. There were over 100 events altogether worldwide. It was awesome to be a part of this epic event!

Here are the results:
USA Soul-winners 1,804
USA Salvations 1,935
International Soul-winners 497+
International Salvations 1,107+
Total Soul-winners 2,301+
Total Salvations 3,042+

All of the international numbers have not been reported so there will be a bit more to add. Even though some are still unreported, these results are absolutely amazing! It just goes to show what we can do when we just get out there and preach the gospel.

There were 3 teams here in Arizona. The main team met in Avondale, another team met in Meyer, and another team met in Tucson.

Tucson Team

Our family went to Tucson to help with the team there. We all had a great time. My little guy really enjoys going soul winning. He helps with the tracks and knocking the doors. He also enjoyed playing with mama after lunch with our water cups. We are definitely looking forward to the Mega Marathon 2019!

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