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Meal Planning Guide that Helps Save on Your Groceries

In this post I will share with you how my Meal Planning Guide can help you plan meals more easily and give you tips on how to save on your groceries every month.

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There are so many things you might be working on in the New Year to improve your health, family and financial situation. I’m working on all these things as well and I’m so excited for a fresh start! One thing I worked on last year and will continue this year, is our grocery budget. If this is your first visit here, I’ll just catch you up to speed. I was spending around $1,000 per month on groceries for our family of 3, and one is a toddler. Face Palm. I know!

Anyway, I started the Grocery Budget Bootcamp course to learn how to do better at the end of April. I set a new grocery budget for our family of $600 (we eat mostly organic) and stayed within reason of that grocery budget goal the remaining 8 months of the year. Even though we fed 2 extra people in December and still have much food to last us into the month of January. Granted some months I spent a little less and some a little more than my budget, but overall my average was in line with my grocery budget goal.

How My New Meal Planning Guide Can Help You Save on Your Grocery Bill

This mini, quick-read Meal Planning Guide is basically a helpful overview of some things I learned in the Grocery Budget Bootcamp. Besides giving you even more ways to save money on your grocery bill, it gives you a crash course on how to plan meals correctly. Planning meals correctly saves you time, money and gives you peace of mind because you’ll know exactly what’s for dinner.

The information in this guide is different than that I have already shared in prior posts or gives more details on how to put what I’ve shared already into practice. It also includes helpful printables like inventory, family favorites and a weekly meal planning sheet.

Because I obviously can’t teach you everything you need to know and that I’ve learned so far in the course in a mini guide, I still highly recommend completing the full Grocery Budget Bootcamp for maximum savings. Enrollment will be available again for the Bootcamp in March. However, my mini guide will give you that fresh kick start you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction, right now.

If you are newly married, a new mom, or just learning about grocery budgeting or meal planning, you will love my new Meal Planning Guide! You will love it because it will give you confidence to put healthy meals on the table within a budget and give you strategies for planning out your family’s meals, including their favorites!

Check out Sarah Ventura’s review from With a Merry Heart:

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And Dawn’s Experience:

If you struggle in this area of meal planning and grocery budgeting, I want to help you conquer that this year! So I am doing a 50% off sale on my guide now through the end of January. Get your guide today and learn how you can start saving money on your groceries, be better organized with planning your meals in a less stressful way and be a good steward of your household money.

Happy New Year to you & yours! Best wishes for an awesome 2020!

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