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Joshua Newborn

Joshua’s Birth Story

We are so blessed to announce the birth of Joshua David Wright! Baby Joshua was born on Monday, September 30th, at 12:58 pm, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long. Join me as I tell Joshua’s birth story; the beautiful, funny, and healing experience of the birth of our 2nd son Joshua.

My husband and I estimated my due date for September 26th, although we were not 100%. Even though I needlessly tracked my cycles for years, by mistake I hadn’t tracked my cycles for the prior two months before testing positive on a pregnancy test. ‍Ha! I also declined the early ultrasound because I just feel the less medical intervention, the better. My pregnancy went well, with only minor normal pregnancy complaints in the 1st and 3rd trimesters. We were waiting to find out the gender of the baby until born. With Caleb I just knew he was a boy and I was having a little Jimmy because I wanted hot chocolate instead of my coffee. My husband doesn’t drink coffee but loves hot chocolate. With this baby I didn’t have any strong feelings of gender either way, but hoped for another boy. 

When 40 weeks had come and gone it was a little surprising because I had Caleb a week early. I wasn’t worried about it, though looking forward to meeting baby and getting relief from late pregnancy discomforts. It was getting close to my midwife’s vacation time and because we didn’t know my due date for sure, she was a bit concerned I could be further along while I was on the opposite side of the spectrum, that the baby was possibly not even due yet. 

On Sunday morning my midwife text me asking how I was feeling and wanted me to take a small dose of castor oil to prep me for pumping to try and induce labor. I was not at all comfortable with this, and let her know as much. So she said we’d give it a couple more days. 

In my desperation, I posted in our FWBC Postpartum Pals group and text some friends for prayer. A good friend gave me primrose oil capsules and some homeopathic remedies to help prepare me but nothing that would cause premature labor. I took them when I got home that night from church. 

Sunday night I slept well and woke up for my normal 2am pregnant lady restroom break. I couldn’t go back to sleep but felt surprisingly rested. So I grabbed my coffee and did some bible reading. I started having contractions around 2:30am but thought they were just Braxton-Hicks because they were not regular and just felt like cramping. My husband left for work at 4am and I told him I was having contractions, today may be the day, and that I’d keep him posted. At 4:30 they started getting regular, about 3 minutes apart but still mostly just pressure. Then at 5:30 they started getting closer together but still not painful. I text my midwife to let her know what was happening. 

At this point she wanted me to sit down and rest to see what would happen with the contractions. So I sat down to drink another cup of coffee. They slowed to 5-8 minutes apart. I told my midwife I needed to get busy again, that I was fine and was enjoying the peace and quiet before Caleb woke up. 

Around 7:30 Caleb woke up so we ate breakfast together. By then the contractions were getting uncomfortable, but still manageable. They only lasted about 30 seconds, every 5 minutes. I text my husband to come home. My midwife asked me to lie down and see what they did. It was way more intense and uncomfortable. I had 4 more contractions that were way longer and stronger so I told her I was getting up! So I busily started getting supplies ready for the midwife, adding the extra sheets to the bed and other miscellaneous tasks. 

Around 9:45am I started getting things together to fill the birth tub. I was a little concerned I’d have a contraction while standing on the side of the tub hooking up the hose so I went for it right after one had stopped. Finally got it all hooked up and put the hose in the tub, turned the water on and… nothing. Looked back at the hose by the tub and what the heck?? Water was spraying everywhere! Ran back to turn off the water and looked at the hose packaging and it was a dang soaker hose!! Who knew there was such a thing?!? Bahahaha!! I burst out laughing and then immediately had another contraction so it stopped being funny pretty quick. By this point I was on hands and knees for contractions and then would get up and work some more in between them. 

I called my midwife, told her what happened and asked her if she had a hose. Unfortunately she didn’t. I told her I’d call my husband, that he’s on his way home to stop and get one. He was close to the house by the time I called so he stopped by and took Caleb with him. 

When they got back I was using my exercise ball to lean into for contractions and listening to some hymns. I told my husband to please keep Caleb out of the room. So my husband is filling my tub and entertaining our 3 year old in the other room at the same time. And running back in to put counter pressure on my lower back for every contraction, which by this time they are every 2 minutes. Bless his heart!

Finally the tub was filled and it felt so good! What a HUGE relief from the pain! Between the tub and my husband putting counter pressure on my lower back, it cut the pain by probably 50%. I text my midwife I was finally in the tub, it was helping, and that she should come. My husband brought me some yogurt, coconut water and watermelon to refresh me. 

Then I started feeling like bearing down. I text my midwife again to let her know. She said to stop and breathe. It was pretty uncontrollable at that point though. She soon afterward arrived and started getting things set up. My husband returned to take care of Caleb at that point. 

My midwife was great. She applied counter pressure on my back for me, helped me out of the tub, suggested different positions to make it more comfortable and offered encouragement. My water finally broke and things really started to progress then. Joshua’s little hand was up by his face so I not only had to push out a head with a hand at the same time but then push out baby’s body and elbow together. I remember feeling the ring of fire and just about cried in disappointment every time I’d push his little head out for it to only go back in. Joshua was finally born at 12:58pm with my water being broke for less than an hour. Overall the painful part of the labor was from 9:30am until his birth at 12:58pm. Not bad this time!

My midwife placed him on my chest immediately for skin to skin. She said he was about 40.5 weeks by looking at him. So it turns out my husband & I estimated his due date pretty well. After a few minutes I asked my midwife to cover me so my husband and Caleb could come in to meet our new little man. It was love at first sight for all of us. Joshua was a good little nurser from the beginning. Thankfully, no tongue or lip tie. This due to not taking pre-natal vitamins this pregnancy. I read this article written by a good friend of mine connecting the synthetic folic acid to tongue and lip tie. Joshua was just perfect! 

Family Photo
My midwife Kelli, me, and the boys

My husband stayed home the first week to help me and take care of Caleb so I could recover more easily. He is absolutely amazing. Not only did he take such good care of me, he managed to do a bunch of yard work and spend a lot of quality time with Caleb as well. When he took him to the store with him the day he picked up the hose he also bought him a rescue station complete with an ambulance, fire truck and police car. Later in the week when he was sure I would be ok for a bit alone, he took Caleb to the zoo. He just did his best to show Caleb how special he is to us.

Caleb at the zoo

And Caleb just adores his baby brother. He kisses him all the time, wants to hold him several times per day, and runs to him when he starts to cry. He is so sweet to him it just melts my heart. 

Proud big brother

The first night we all slept pretty peacefully. The 2nd night baby Joshua used me as a pacifier all night. I’m thinking he was really hungry waiting for my milk to come in. I was eating lactation cookies and when my milk came in the next day it was a little much! Note to self, do not eat lactation cookies while waiting for milk to come in! Haha! Poor baby Joshua had a hard time getting a good latch with my breasts so full. I thought, he was nursing perfect before and now I’m so sore and he can’t even get a good latch. What is going on here?!? So I posted in our group again for advice on getting a good latch. Those ladies are amazing!

Then I had to make sure I was nursing exactly every 2 hours with strictness because I was so engorged. Again, WAY too many lactation cookies! Lol! I also had to relearn to diaper again because I was getting leaks. Looking back I think it was just because I wasn’t putting it on tight enough. I was worried about his little belly button healing. And my wrap! It took me 15 minutes to get him in the wrap the first time again! It was like I was a first timer all over again. It’s pretty funny being a mom. You’d think these things would be like riding a bike, that you wouldn’t forget how to do it. But I did! Haha!

Joshua’s birth has been very healing. It went more like the birth experience I had imagined and prayed it would be. My recovery has been much easier emotionally this time. Several factors are at play here. First, praise the Lord I did not have to do anything to induce labor. I give glory to God that he answered the prayers of my friends who prayed for me. It was a miracle of God that I went into labor the morning after everyone was praying for me. And that the birth went well with no complications. Second, a more smooth birth experience. Third, I was better prepared this time with freezer meals and such. Fourth, I decided to take placenta broth & capsules to help restore blood loss and balance hormones.

I’m so happy I’ve only cried happy tears this time! I wish I wasn’t such a sap! I’m still recovering physically, this part is going much slower than I’d like. But I’ll take that over the emotional side of it anyday. We are so much in love with our new baby boy! Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed Joshua’s birth story. ❤️

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