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Instant Pot Korean Beef with Pot in Pot (PIP) Rice

As you may remember from my post a couple days ago titled How to Soften Brown Sugar-Instant Pot Method I also mentioned I would be making Instant Pot Korean Beef. This recipe is so good as is, really. The only substitution I made the 1st time was for cornstarch I used arrowroot instead. Oh and instead of soy sauce I use coconut aminos with extra sea salt. This time I was feeling adventurous so I decided to double the Sriracha and the ginger, still substituting with arrowroot & coconut aminos. I also decided to experiment with pot-in-pot (PIP) rice. It is such an awesome feature with the Instant Pot to be able to cook multiple foods at once in the same pot! Here is how I did it:

Instant Pot Korean Beef with Pot in Pot (PIP) Rice

What you will need:

Ingredients for Instant Pot Korean Beef
8 Qt Instant Pot
Trivet (comes w/Instant Pot
Pyrex 7 Cup Glass Round Bowl
1 Cup Basmati California White Rice
1.5 Cups Beef Broth or water
1 Tbl Butter
Sea Salt to shake a little broth water & rice mixture


1) Prepare the meat and sauce for the Korean Beef using this recipe and stop after step 2.
2) Rinse the rice (I love this mesh strainer for rice) and put it into a Pyrex Glass 7 Cup Round Bowl.
3) Add broth or water and butter to the bowl. Sprinkle with sea salt.
4) Place trivet over meat & sauce. Place bowl of rice on trivet inside pot.
5) Continue with Korean Beef Recipe at step 3.
6) When done, Quick Release. Remove trivet & rice. Finish thickening sauce. Enjoy!

Bowl with rice, broth & sea salt


Place trivet over Korean Beef with bowl on top of trivet


Rice after Quick Release


Fluffy Rice PIP

Btw, my husband liked this recipe so much that he wanted seconds. So ladies, make this for your man and he will be happy tonight. 😉

Let me know how you like this method and what you like to cook PIP in your IP! You down with PIP? Ya you know me! Haha sorry I couldn’t resist!

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