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Date Night Ideas

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My husband and I recently decided to start a date night to make sure we are spending fun quality time together. It’s easy to get caught up in work, house, & kids. Babies and toddlers easily steal the show with their needs and cuteness that sometimes we forget that we still need to put time and effort into our marriage to keep it strong. We are still newlyweds really. Married for close to 3 1/2 years. Things are going great and we want to keep it that way. Many couples do a date night so we decided we wanted to do it too! When we were planning it out I reached out to a few of my friends that do date nights and asked them for ideas and they gave me some great tips. 

So we wanted our date nights to be low key, once a week. Just something fun we do at home for the most part, usually after Caleb goes to bed. Sometimes he would be awake and join us, depending on what we were doing. My husband is awesome and said once a month we would do a special outing for our date night. 

Our first attempt at this a few weeks ago was kind of comical. Originally we had planned to do Thursday night. My husband needed to work late that night so we bumped it to Friday. It was kind of a crazy week and happened to be milk week also. So Friday our delivery time was later than usual and it was pretty much a double sized order on top of it. Probably not the best night for date night. Ha!

We had planned to play Yahtzee while Caleb played rescue the farm animals with tongs from rice snow. While he did play with his homemade sensory game until he got rice all over the floor, rescued some animals and then put some back to save themselves, he was ready to play Yahtzee with us! He loved rolling the dice for us and he was great at it. He rolled a Yahtzee, a small straight & a large straight for me! But he quickly was picking up the dice to roll again before we could see what they were or ones we wanted to keep there for the next roll so it was quite a challenge to keep score! Haha! 


Meanwhile, the milk was delivered and our milk group co-op members were coming to pick up their milk during our “date night”. It was pretty funny. Not exactly what we had in mind but it was a great family night with lots of milk and friendly visitors! 😉

Our 2nd attempt was probably just as funny. We planned to give each other a massage and have more of a romantic date night, right? So we planned to get our little guy in bed early. Well he had other plans for us. That night was the hardest night we have had in getting that boy to go to sleep in a LONG time. By the time we got him down for the night we had both fallen asleep ourselves! My husband woke me up and said “Honey, we fell asleep, do you still want to do our date?” My half asleep response, “Oh honey let’s reschedule, ok?”. Oh boy! I told my husband I’m so sorry I fell asleep on our date night! HAHAHA!

Last night was attempt #3. I was a little behind with dinner (and trying a new recipe on top of it), trying to get the milk order in for tomorrow’s delivery, my toddler was having repeated melt downs and had managed to string toys all over the house after I had the house tidy & ready for my husband to come home. My toddler was so out of control I had to discipline him just before Daddy came home so he was in tears for my husbands arrival. Not at all the normal way we welcome Daddy home! Smh. And my sweet husband was a little irritated after I had to break the news to him about our Mazda servicing needs. But at least dinner turned out good! And after getting the kitchen cleaned up, showers, bedtime story, and toddler all tucked in, we *finally* had our 1st successful date night! I guess the 3rd time’s a charm! It was a long evening before hand though. And it would have been so easy to reschedule again. I’m so glad we pulled through and had a great night! 

My husband’s massage was first. I knew he had a rough evening and I could tell he was tired. Things did not go as smoothly when he came home as they usually do. He was finally relaxed. When I was finished I told him that he should just enjoy relaxing after his massage and go to sleep. I offered that we could do my massage next week. He is so sweet he wanted to go ahead with my massage too. My husband has very strong hands and gave me more of what I would call a deep tissue massage! It felt amazing having his strong hands apply the right pressure to take me from super tense to a wet noodle. I also remember thinking at one point he was so powerful he could snap me like a twig! Good thing he is a gentle man towards me! Ha! We both enjoyed our massage date night so much we are going to do them 1x per month! So our plan is 1 special outing, 1 massage night & 2 other wild cards. 

❤️ Date Night Ideas ❤️

❤️ Massage 
Mix your favorite relaxing essential oil in a carrier oil and give your honey a rub down.

❤️ Make pizza or cookie art
Make a pizza or large sugar cookie and decorate with your favorite toppings.

❤️ Make a dessert together
Make your favorite easy dessert together. We will be making something chocolate!

❤️ Goal notebook
Create a goal notebook together. It could be anything. Spiritual, marriage related, family, life. Look on it later to see how much you’ve accomplished!

❤️ Fear Factor
Like the game, challenge your spouse to face their fears about something. Maybe try something spicy, for example. I hope my husband doesn’t get too carried away with bugs or reptiles on this one! Yikes! 

❤️ Water Color Paintings
Paint a picture with watercolors!

❤️ Play a Game
Think board games, Scrabble or Bible Scrabble, Yahtzee, or card games

❤️ Get Active
We like to play street hockey or basketball. 

❤️ Special Outing (my sweet husband’s idea)
My husband is so thoughtful! We’ve made a couple plans so far for our special outing 1x per month. We are going to try the Dolly Steamboat Dinner Cruise. I’ve never been on a dinner cruise before so this sounds wonderful! And he is going to take me to a hockey game! He loves the Capitals and they are playing here in December. It will be very cool to share this time with him because I know he really likes hockey.

Our marriage relationship is so important. Our importance order is God, spouse, children, and then everyone/everything else. When our little guy is grown we will still have each other and so we want to nourish our relationship and keep it strong. I’m so thankful for my husband. He is truly an amazing, giving, longsuffering man who works extremely hard to provide for us. I’m going to make this date night a priority, no matter what is happening. As I learned last night, it was so worth the extra effort to take care of my husband and spend quality time together. 

Do you have a date night with your spouse? What are some fun things you enjoy doing together? 

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2 thoughts on “Date Night Ideas

  1. That was funny!:) I'm glad it worked out the third time. I just found your blog ( hello from VBC in Sacramento:), same minded believers' blogs are always a blessing for me, especially when we are on the same/similar season in life (married, raising toddlers, babies). Thank you for sharing.
    We actually don't have a specific date night, but to me in many ways quality time = talking, lol (so typical, I guess), so the most we talk is actually when driving somewhere. Sometimes we would even go for a drive, grab a coffee for the car (could be made at home), and just go for 30 min drive anywhere 🙂 once we went closer to the airport, so the kids were watching the airplanes take off and land and we were just talking, enjoying each other's company (that was fun and (!) Budget friendly:)

  2. Hi Anta! I'm glad you got a kick out of my date night bloopers! And I'm glad you found my blog too! We love VBC and have visited there a couple times. My husband listens to the online sermons quite regularly. 🙂

    Talking on a drive is a great way to get in some quality time. And I love those coffee breaks! Thanks for stopping by & stay in touch!

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