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How to Soften Brown Sugar – Instant Pot Method

It’s happened to everyone at some point or another I’m sure. You need the brown sugar right now for a recipe and it’s rock solid. Ugh! I’m usually good about planning things ahead but for some reason the brown sugar one always gets me! I avoid microwave use so that method is out. You know- microwave in a bowl at 20 second intervals until you get it softened. With temperatures still over 100 here in AZ, I’m not crazy about the oven method either, especially when I don’t need the oven or brown sugar for cookies this time. And unless you remember to plan ahead, the overnight options are just not going to work. Tomorrow I’m going to make Instant Pot Korean Beef and it calls for brown sugar. This recipe is really delicious! And I actually remembered that I will need brown sugar before starting to prepare this meal. Yay! And, I thought “Hmmm, I’m going to try this in my Instant Pot!” A quick Google search and to my surprise there was not one “How To” blog post on this subject. How can this be!?! This is how I did it…

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You will need:

1 Cup Water
Hardened Brown Sugar
Aluminum Foil
1) Place 1 cup water inside the insert pot.
2) Place trivet inside pot.

3) Put hardened brown sugar in Pyrex glass bowl, cover with aluminum foil and place on top of trivet in pot.
4) Seal Instant Pot, Manual/Pressure Cook for 1 minute. Quick Release. Done!


Water & trivet in inner pot
Sugar in bowl, cover with foil


Softened Brown Sugar Ready to Use!
Hope you will find this quick homemaking tip helpful! Go ahead and give it a try. I’m sure you NEED some cookies anyway! 😉
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