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How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

In this post I will cover different ways you can save money on your grocery bill. In late April I signed up for a course to help me learn how to save money on our groceries. As a result, we have reduced our grocery bill by hundreds of dollars every month since May! Read on for my latest update so you can start saving too.

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Budget Update

For May, June, & July I spent just below my $600 per month grocery budget goal. Which I’m glad I came in under budget about $43 combined for those months because I spent that balance in August. So for August I did come in at $641.53 for the month. Our grocery bill was a bit higher because I decided to do a group beef buy for local grass fed and grass finished beef and an Azure Standard order for things like cocoa powder, vanilla extract and oatmeal. That money that I didn’t spend in prior months sure came in handy to get us through the month. And as long as I keep an average of $600 monthly, I am still within my grocery budget goal for the year! Yipee!

In addition to buying in bulk , I have been working on getting freezer meals made ahead for baby’s arrival. Having freezer meals ready ahead of time will make my recovery and adjustment period go more smoothly. And I’m hoping that with about 1 months worth of freezer meals (almost there), we will save maybe half of our grocery budget for the month of October. My husband’s parents always come into town in December for Christmas to visit. Therefore, I’d love to save that money for the December grocery bill because that will really help at that time.

Course Update

On my last update in the Grocery Budget Bootcamp, I left off starting Lesson 8. The main take aways for me in that lesson were how to find markdowns (in every grocery store department!) & avoiding fillers in meats. I scored organic plums marked down to .99 cents a bag! I love having fresh fruit in the house so learning that really helped this month! And, I decided not to buy a certain brand of whole chicken anymore because turns out it has 6% water! In Lesson 9 I learned how to create and keep up on a price book for my most purchased items. This way I can be sure I am getting the best deal possible. I’m starting Lesson 10 now and hoping to complete the course before baby arrives. However, if I don’t finish before baby’s arrival, at least I’ll have something to do while I’m in recovery. 😉

Here are 5 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Avoid Food Waste– Make sure you are storing the food you buy correctly. For instance, if you buy fresh herbs. Most will last longer if you put them in a glass with water, tent with a plastic bag, & store in the refrigerator. I’ve had fresh herbs last close to 2 weeks this way. Keep apples in the fridge also. Don’t store potatoes and onions together. Simple things like this can help your food last longer!

Plan Your Meals– Write out what you plan to eat for the week. This will save you from last minute grocery store runs or just deciding to eat out. With last minute grocery runs you will probably spend more at the store than you intended and eating out is often more costly.

Make a Shopping List – Before you go grocery shopping, write out your shopping list from your meal plan. As much as possible, stick to your shopping list. Unless there is something that will save you money by substituting for another item.

Create a Price Book – Using old receipts, sales ads or online/apps for the store, create a price book. This book will allow you to track what a good price is for an item so you don’t end up spending too much. Especially on items you purchase the most of in quantity or the most often.

Cook from Scratch-This could mean making your own breads, yogurt, broth, and condiments to save money. In addition, items made at home will be more healthy because they will not contain additives or preservatives.

Hope you find these tips helpful! Stay tuned for my next post! It may be my new Chicken Tetrazzini recipe or it could be a birth announcement! 😉

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