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How to Ibotta and Fun Ways to Spend It

Some months ago a friend told me about this App called Ibotta. It’s basically an electronic rebate system. Remember in the old days of doing rebates you had to mail in the rebate offer with your receipt and wait *forever* before getting your rebate? Well, this is so much better!

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Ibotta is the new way to rebate. It is easy and takes only 48 hours to get your rebate to your Ibotta account. You choose your favorite stores in the App. Some of mine are Whole Foods, Fry’s & Walmart, for example. You can also use it for Mobile Shopping, Travel, Restaurants and others. Before you go to the store check to see what rebates are out there. If you get an item but usually a different brand it may make sense to try another brand to get your rebate. When you get back from the grocery store (or made any purchase) go into the App to enter your rebates, redeem and scan your receipt. After you get $20 in rebates you can then have it sent to your PayPal account or a couple other similar companies, or you can choose a Gift Card.

The Gift Card option works best for me. I use it to shop on Amazon. Last time I earned the $20 I purchased this awesome Beard Cape Apron for my husband. It works great! There are a few stragglers but overall this apron has made me very happy! My husband is good about cleaning up after himself but I usually get in there and clean for detail afterwards. This cape takes care of most of it so I don’t need to do much detail. My little guy loves to be just like Daddy. This is one of his Sunday morning shaves with Daddy. After he is done shaving Daddy then turns the cape around for him to play Super Baby! My husband is so fun-I love how he is with our baby!

Just a couple days ago I earned another $20 and have been wanting to order this cup holder converter for the car to hold my quart jar. To track my daily water drinking (and for my tea, smoothies or kombucha) I like to drink out of a quart jar. Why keep getting refills in a small glass if you don’t have to! Only problem is my car does not have a cup holder that big. It is so annoying! And for some reason it annoys my husband even more than me so he told me I really needed to order this and paid the couple dollars difference! LOL It’s arriving today and I can’t wait to try I it out!!

***Edited: Unfortunately the cupholder did not work for my quart jar but Bottlepro does refunds within the first 10 days for any reason.  So I sent the email request for exchange or refund and was promptly given a refund and an email stating I didn’t need to return the product. Wow! What a great company to work with! If you have a Nalgenes 32 oz, Hydro Flask 32 oz or 40 oz, or Klean Kanteen 32 or 40 oz and need a converter, I highly recommend this one! Sadly I’ll have to order one specifically for quart jars from THM, however, I will be on the lookout for other great products by Bottlepro for future purchases.***

So how do you do get started with Ibotta? Simple! Go to the Ibotta Website or the App Store for iPhone users (or Google Play for Android) and download the Ibotta App and use my Referral Code cjvkpqm for a $10 Welcome Bonus. You are halfway to your 1st $20 bucks! Whoohoo!! Then just go shopping and start getting your rebates so you can spend them elsewhere. Easy peasy!

Do you Ibotta? Tell us what have you purchased with your Ibotta rebates?
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