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How to Have a Happy Marriage

Imagine your husband treating you like a queen, giving you the love & affection you so crave from him, him not only listening to your advice but actually asking your opinion on things. Imagine him doing nice things for you all the time and helping you with the kids or things around the house without you asking, even though it is not really his responsibility. Imagine how awesome it would be to have your husband look at you with adoration & loving you with all his heart. This is how my husband is towards me. If you can take my advice and put it into practice, it can happen for you too. It may take time for him to come around, but keep working at it. A great marriage is a lot of hard work but so worth it!

The bottom line is men need to be respected above everything else. If you snap at your husband, belittle him or embarrass him in front of people for example, he will not feel you reverence him and he will treat you badly. He might let it slide at first but eventually he will get even. This does not make for a happy marriage at all. Make your husband 1st priority (beside God, of course) and let him know he is important to you. After the kids are gone it will just be you and him so it is very important you take care of him.

Please don’t misunderstand me & put your preconceived ideas aside if you really want to learn something. Men are not better than women. We are of the same value. We just have different roles. Men are to be the leaders of the home, they have the final say. Women guide the home and the children usually how they see fit, unless their husband steps in for something he feels needs to change. Even though your husband has the final say you still have much freedom in your role. The good news is because you do not have the final authority, you also do not have the huge responsibility your husband does to make all the right decisions and pay all the bills. Let him do that. He was made for it. He can take it, he’s a MAN. Let that burden go. Stop trying to run your husband and just support him. You will feel so much relief when you do this. Plus it will give him encouragement that you are actually trusting him and expecting him to do what he was created to do. Don’t worry-you have the power to change your husband’s mind on things you disagree on if you would do it correctly, with respect towards your husband, giving it time and patience.

You married your husband for a reason. I’m sure you want your marriage to be successful. This is the answer. Pray for God to help you & get your heart right towards God & towards your husband, listen to sermons taught on the subject,  study your bible, and then give it your best applying what you have learned. You will be pleasantly surprised. Do things you know your husband likes and don’t do things you know your husband does not like. Here are a couple of my favorite sermons on the subject. Thoughts on Marriage and How To Have a Great Marriage.

Focus on getting your heart right and just worry about doing your part. Swallow your pride and you take the first step. Do something nice & unexpected for your husband today. Not only because it’s Valentine’s Day but because you want to take your marriage to the next level.

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2 thoughts on “How to Have a Happy Marriage

  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Amanda! Well said. ❤️Hopefully we can all strive to improve in this area. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Deidre! Our husbands are our perfect treasures this side of heaven. Merry Christmas and God bless you also! ❤️

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