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How to Clean a Burnt Pot or Pan

Have you ever stepped away just momentarily while cooking only to return and find you’ve burnt your pot? I’ve been known for this a few times and had to spend a little extra time scrubbing with a stainless steel scrubbie. Usually no biggie.

About a month or so ago I burnt my pan so bad I could not even scrub it out. Whaaaa?? I looked online for tips and tried the old boil water with vinegar then add baking soda trick. Whoa!! Talk about a science project! It said “expect a little fizz”. Umm yeah that was a quite a bit more than just a “little fizz”!! I had a big mess to clean up all over my stove and after all that it didn’t even work! Grrrr! I was thinking I would just have to throw it away.

So in desperation of losing my pot and having to ask my husband about replacing it, I messaged in a ladies group to see if anyone could help me out. My good friend and moderator of the group said to use lemon essential oil. I had orange handy so I gave it a try & WOW!!! Barely *any* scrubbing at all. I was impressed and so happy I got to keep my pot!! THANK YOU Sammy!!

Now you’d think I’d have learned my lesson on leaving the stove but no. It happened again with a pan last night! At first I thought ugh! But then I remembered Sammy’s trick! Phew, don’t panic.

This time I just put a few drops in the pan with hot water and let it soak while I was tending the baby a couple minutes and it came right out with barely any effort at all. Yes!!!

How to clean burnt pan: 

What you need:
Your burnt stainless steel pot or pan
Citrus essential oil like lemon or orange
Stainless steel scrubbie

Water to soak or rinse

Method 1: Use a few drops directly on burnt spot undiluted and scrub with gloves on. Rinse.
Method 2: Use a few drops with hot water and scrub out. Rinse.


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