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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #6 & Grocery Savings Made Simple

Would you like to know some simple ways to save money on your groceries? You will LOVE my friend Tiffany’s short video series on Grocery Savings Made Simple. These videos helped me learn so much and I started saving on my groceries the very next time I went shopping! In this post I’ll give you an update on my Grocery Budget Bootcamp journey, recap last years savings, and share with you the link to these free and very helpful videos!

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My Grocery Budget Bootcamp Journey, Update #6

As many of you know I started a course last May called Grocery Budget Bootcamp that has helped my family save about $400 per month on groceries. Before the course I was spending anywhere from $800 to $1,200 per month on groceries. Usually around $1,000.

In May I worked through the first few chapters that helps you figure out your family food preferences and how to set a grocery budget. It has so much information teaching you about what all the labels on the food mean and you can decide what is best for you & your family.

Our family eats almost all organic, we eat meat everyday, drink raw milk, we love lots of cheese and butter, use einkorn flour and live about 45 minutes away from the nearest Costco, Sprouts or Whole Foods. All that to say we are sort of food snobs so our food preferences can be really expensive. We do have a Fry’s in our town that carries basic organics but I do have to shop at Costco, Sprouts, sometimes Whole Foods in town a couple times per month. I also order online at Azure Standard to get the foods our family prefers at a decent price. I set our family food budget at $600 for 2 adults and 1 toddler.

So from May through December 2019 I ended up averaging $611 per month. I was truckin’ along just fine at or below my goal of $600 per month-until December. We had family come and stay with us for a week for Christmas and I bought WAY too much food just wanting to make sure we had enough. Ha! Even though I went slightly over my budget, I am still really pleased with my overall savings in 2019, an average of $389 per month ($400 before December! LOL!). I certainly will be tracking receipts better this time! I knew better than that!

Every Family is Different

Your family may be different. If you have a bigger family but you’re ok with conventional foods and live in town near all the normal grocery stores and some discount stores, your budget may be way below my family’s grocery budget. It is different for everyone and this course is awesome because it helps you get your priorities figured out and factors in any special diet requirements, distance to stores near you, and how many members in your family so you are happy with your own family’s grocery budget.

This Far in 2020

Thus far in 2020, I have been coming in under budget! January I spent $519.05 and February I spent $535.62. Which is super exciting! You can read all about my journey here.

I am so glad I purchased this course and learned what I did to help our family save this much money. My husband was so happy about how much I reduced our grocery spending that he told his parents how proud he was of me. Awe! I love it when I make my husband happy!

Grocery Savings Made Simple

So what started this whole Grocery Budget Bootcamp thing was me just cringing every time I was at the grocery store checkout and bringing home that receipt to my husband. It was just not a good feeling at all! I’m a stay at home mom and wanted to do something to help reduce the amount of money going out on our household expenses. I’ve been following my friend Tiffany’s blog for years and also subscribed to her emails. She is passionate about eating real food on a budget.

Very Helpful Short Video Series

She emailed me these videos in 2018 on Grocery Savings Made Simple. It included a few videos titled 16 Things You Should NEVER buy at the Grocery Store (and where you should buy them instead), 13 Grocery Store Sales you Should Ignore (and which ones you should ALWAYS take advantage of) and 13 Strategies to Be a Savvy Shopper (so you can OUTSMART the grocery store, every week!). I was so intrigued! At the end of her series she offers her Grocery Budget Bootcamp, and I just HAD to get on board with this to learn more!

Getting My Husband on Board

BUT my husband was not on board with spending the money on the course during that open enrollment period and so I had to put it on the back burner for 6 months until the next enrollment time. He also was not on board with spending money at all these different places at the time, even if it meant saving money. He was understandably concerned about all the extra gas and car maintenance we would be going through in the process since we lived 45 minutes away from the all the places I used to shop and some cool discount stores I’d heard about. So last year at the end of April, I FINALLY had my husband’s blessing on this! I purchased the course, started working through it, set the budget in May and have been consistently saving A LOT of money on our groceries!

I highly recommend these helpful videos if you struggle in this area of wanting to save money on groceries! You can reserve your spot here. Do it today though, because you only have until March 10th to sign up and then access to the videos is only available through March 17!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update#6! Now go sign up to watch these great videos on Grocery Savings Made Simple!

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