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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #4

I’m so excited to tell you that for the month of July I kept my new grocery budget goal! This is the 3rd month in a row I’ve been able to keep that new budget. My new grocery budget goal I set is $600 per month for our family of 3. While this may still sound outrageous to some, it is a great start for our family, and also considering we eat almost everything organic. For us this is a HUGE savings because when I would have a typical month of grocery shopping I would spend anywhere from just under $800 to $1100, and usually on the higher end! Granted, my average before starting the Grocery Budget Bootcamp was just shy of $800 per month for the year but the only reason it averaged lower was due to being out of town for a week for one of the months that resulted in a super low bill that for that particular month, bringing my average much lower. Read on to see what I did this month that kept me in line with our new budget.

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There is so much jam packed into the lessons in this course! I love the format of the nice spiral workbook that comes with the course and all the helpful videos. It also has printables such as a Master Substitution List, a Seasonal Eating Guide, Grocery Store Sales You Should Ignore (and what is a good deal), a Produce Storage Chart and Common Cuts of Meat. These printables are such great information to help you save the most and maximize freshness in what you bought to reduce food waste. Check out my posts linked above to see about prior lessons in the course. I believe I left off talking about things I learned up to Lesson 4 in my last update. Lesson 5 has you complete a full inventory of your kitchen, including pantry, fridge, freezer, and spices. It also has you talk to your family to find out their favorites and brainstorm pantry meals to make when things come up unexpectedly. It gives lots of ideas and helps you get those creative juices flowing. Lesson 6 teaches you how to meal plan correctly by first working around your family schedule and also thinking about the best method of cooking your meals based on the time you have for that particular day. For example, if you’re going to be gone all day, plan to make a crockpot meal in the morning before you leave so it will be done when you get home that day or pull out a freezer meal for quick reheating.

Grocery Budget Bootcamp Workbook
Pen marks are courtesy of my 3 year old, not included in your copy.

As far as meal planning goes for July, I had set out to follow the Frugal Real Food Meal Plan that I purchased in addition to the Grocery Budget Bootcamp. It has really helped save on groceries as I am working through the course. I’ve mixed in some family favorites to substitute for some of the soup nights in the plan because it is just way too hot for soup right now here in AZ!

While I really like having it all laid out in the meal plan, I haven’t been able to keep the plan as written and keep my budget. So, I’ve done quite a bit of improvising by making those ingredients that I purchased to follow the plan into another meal and then incorporating with things I already had on hand. Substitution is a big thing taught in the course and boy have I been sharpening my skills on that one! Ha! A couple other things I’ve learned are shopping my own kitchen and coming up with meals based on what I already have before heading to the store, and paying attention to the sale ads, specifically the loss leaders, has really helped me stick to the budget. Most of these great tips are taught in Lesson 7.

Right now in the Grocery Budget Bootcamp I am working on Lesson 8. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m sure glad this course is a work at your own pace because I am going way slower than I originally planned! But even with not being completed with the course I am learning enough to keep my grocery budget goal. So check out how it went down with the different places I shopped at for July.

July Grocery Budget Goal $600
Breakdown of Money Spent:
$24.46 Sprouts
$164.39 Costco (organic chickens, raw honey, sugar, eggs, half & half, butter, etc.)
$260.24 Frys (the bulk of my food purchases)
$16.50 The Box Meat Shop (uncured grass-fed beef hot dogs for 4th of July)
$7.31 Bashas
$57.85 Jovial Foods (for 2 10 lb bags of Einkorn flour)
$42.00 Fond du Lac Farms (for raw milk)
$14.54 Whole Foods
$2.00 Walmart
$589.29 July Grand Total

As you can see, I still had a bit leftover for the month! Saving hundreds every month these last few months has been a great feeling. As a stay at home mom I obviously don’t contribute to the family with an income so how I spend the money my husband earns makes a big difference in our family. It’s been nice to see that my husband has been able to put $950 in savings with the 1st 2 months of grocery savings (great timing with baby coming in September!) and paid for some unexpected things that came up as well. Plus my sweet husband took us to San Diego for my 40th birthday because he knows I love the beach. I indulged in 2 pedicures on this trip, the 1st in the sand and the 2nd at the salon. It was such an amazing little get away and I came home feeling so refreshed. I’m so blessed to have my husband! He really spoils me with his thoughtfulness!

Caleb must’ve got something in his eye at that moment! Ha!
boy in shark
Caleb having fun in the shark
family photo by whale tail
Under the whale tail at Birch Aquarium
My sweet husband and me!

For August I am really going to be putting what I’ve learned so far to the test because I’m completely foregoing the Frugal Real Food Meal Plan and going to meal plan from our family favorites as well as from my favorite cookbook, Busy Family Menu Planning. I want to get some of our favorites in the freezer in preparation of baby coming in September so I’m switching it up this month. I would love to finish the course this month, or at least before baby arrives! I’m also very busy working on the Instant Pot/Crockpot decals and some other products for my new Etsy Shop so only time will tell if I can pull it all off. Wish me luck!

If you are struggling with your budget and would love to experience saving hundreds on your groceries, then join me in this Grocery Budget Bootcamp! You can start at any time and work completely at your own pace. Plus there’s a private Facebook group for support. And you can of course email me and stay in touch throughout your money saving journey!

Here are some quick FAQs for you about the program:
*Money Back Guarantee from Grocery Budget Bootcamp
*Payment Plan Available
*One on one support by me & my new GBB Dinner of Herbs FB support group
*Platinum Members also have additional FB support w/Tiffany
*Grocery Budget Bootcamp works with any diet because it teaches you principles and where/how to shop for your family’s specific dietary needs.
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Please email me or comment below if you do join in so we can stay in touch and I can add you to the Dinner of Herbs Facebook Group. How can I help you save on groceries?

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