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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #1

Wow this Grocery Budget Bootcamp is eye-opening! I’m learning so much about not only how to save money on groceries but also about my own spending habits. I’m not really one to shop for expensive shoes, designer clothes or handbags, so I wouldn’t consider my spending outrageous. BUT I am learning that what I’m spending on grocery and household items could be reduced by thousands every year. I don’t know about you, but saving thousands a year can really help my family’s budget!

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If you are just hearing about this, you can check out my first post about it here. Even though the sale on the Grocery Budget Bootcamp is expired, enrollment is still open & you can still join now to start saving money on your groceries and household goods.

When I sat down and calculated the first time, not realizing I didn’t have all my receipts, I thought I did pretty darn good for the months of March and April. What a joke! So while I was digging out the 2018 grocery receipts (just for giggles) I ran across my pile of receipts that I had set aside to run through Ibotta. Not only were there additional receipts, but I also remembered that while I spent less on groceries in April, we were also out of town for 5 days and we went out to eat an additional 3 days. Face palm.

So what it all boils down to is I’m spending on average $194.97 more monthly than I should. That’s $2,339.64 a year just on groceries! This is based on figures from 2019 alone. Just for giggles I went back over 2018 and the savings would have been $3,126.84! I haven’t even started shopping rates on my household goods yet! 

So far in the program I’ve set my food quality priorities, reviewed how much I’ve been spending, established a goal for a new food budget, found some local CSAs in my area that I’m going to check into, and purchased Costco membership and Amazon Prime. 

By using the Frugal Real Food Meal Plan, shopping at Fry’s (making sure I’m looking for those digital coupons) getting some items at the 99 cent store, and eating leftover freezer meals and pantry items this week I only spent $61 on groceries this week plus $24 for raw milk. I was still within my allowance from my husband to get the Amazon Prime this week!

I’m excited to see what I’m going to be learning in Lesson 4 this next week and how this program is going to help me save money on our groceries and household items this year! 

Why don’t you join me? I would love for you to take this *Grocery Budget Bootcamp Challenge with me! I’m going to be working through the course over the next several weeks while using her meal plans alongside and see what kind of savings I can do for my family. If you are struggling with your grocery bill, I would love to work with you through this program together! When you join, message me or comment and I’ll add you to our private Facebook Group so we can share tips, encouragement and our success! If you are not on Facebook, we can stay in touch by email. 

I’m looking forward to working with you! Sign up today & let’s get started!

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