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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Open Enrollment Spring 2020

I’m so excited to tell you that Grocery Budget Bootcamp Open Enrollment for Spring 2020 is finally here! If you have been wanting to enroll, wait no more! This is the course that has helped reduce my grocery budget close to $400 per month consistently since last May! Needless to say my husband is very pleased with the results! He even told his parents how proud of me he is for reducing our grocery bill!

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What is Grocery Budget Bootcamp

Grocery Budget Bootcamp is a proven system of reducing your grocery bill that was developed by my blogger friend Tiffany at Don’t Waste the Crumbs. Her course covers it all, from building a foundation, making a budget, cooking from scratch, how to meal plan and creating a system that works for you!

My Grocery Budget Bootcamp Journey

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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Course Outline

This course is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned so you can once and for all get your grocery budget under control! To give you an idea of what this course covers I’ll share with you the lessons.

Lesson # 1: Building a Foundation: The 80/20 Rule
Lesson # 2: Real Food Priorities
Lesson # 3: Let’s Make a Budget
Lesson # 4: What Exactly Are you Buying?
Lesson # 5: Planning to Avoid Food Waste
Lesson # 6: The Right Way to Meal Plan
Lesson # 7: The Shopping List
Lesson # 8: Mastering Your Grocery Store
Lesson # 9: The Rock Bottom Price Book
Lesson # 10: Buying in Bulk and Stockpiling
Lesson # 11: Unloading and Organizing the Kitchen
Lesson # 12: Cooking From Scratch
Lesson # 13 Creating Your Own Unique System

Things I Loved About the Course

Of course I am beyond thrilled with the results of putting the concepts into practice and saving A LOT of money this past year! However, there are many other things I really liked about the course and found helpful. Some of these are perks with the PLATINUM package only so be sure to choose the best option for your needs.

The Printed Workbook

The printed spiral bound notebook with all the lessons is REALLY awesome! As much as I try to be paperless and digital, there are just times where I prefer pen and paper and don’t want have to print a whole book myself with a cheap ink jet printer! LOL

Grocery Budget Bootcamp Workbook
Grocery Bootcamp Spiral Bound Workbook
(pen marks courtesy of my little guy, won’t be included in your copy) Ha!

The Downloads

There are several downloads that I found particularly valuable. My favorites are a Master Substitution List with 130 different ideas for emergency substitutes so you can use what you already have, a Price List showing the max price range you should look to pay for items, a Seasonal Eating Guide showing what foods are in season to help maximize savings, a Produce Storage Guide to teach you how to store foods so they last longer, Sales to Ignore & What is a Good Deal , and a Cuts of Meat guide to help you know what the cut is best used for and how to cook it. These I printed off and keep in a notebook that I use to meal plan. Also in my notebook I keep a list of our family favorites, a list of our inventory (I try to update every few months at least with freezer, pantry and spices), coupons that Fry’s sends for things I actually buy LOL, and a few blank weekly meal planning sheets. Having all these items together makes planning meals so much easier for me! I keep this notebook in the cabinet with my most used cookbooks for easy reference and meal planning on the spot!

Videos, Facebook Group & Live Teaching

Available in the PLATINUM package (what I have and recommend) are videos, access to the Facebook GBB community group and live teaching with Tiffany! The videos give you a run down of each lesson to complete with helpful tips. The Facebook community group is invaluable as you can ask questions and be encouraged with the rest of the members going through the course with you for the 8 weeks and beyond. I also really liked the Live Teaching with Tiffany once per week in the Facebook group going over each lesson and the Monthly MasterClass Live Coaching Sessions.

How Can Grocery Budget Bootcamp Help Me

Do any of these things sound familiar?

I feel like my grocery bill is just too high.
I don’t know how to set my grocery budget.
I’ve never made a meal plan before.
I do my meal planning with what looks good on Pinterest.
I don’t know the differences between conventional vs. organic, or know what cage free, grass-fed etc all mean.
I want to eat organic but I don’t think we can afford it.
We have food allergies/sensitivities & struggle to stay in budget.
I’m often frustrated with the total at the grocery store check out.
I want to be a good steward of our household funds but I have no idea where to start. I’m so overwhelmed!

Grocery Budget Bootcamp can help in all of these areas (and more!) and help you to finally feel confident in your meal planning and grocery shopping endeavors while saving you money!

My Course Status

Since last May I have been saving close to $400 every month (over $3,100 last year!) and I haven’t even finished the course yet! Life just keeps happening and I haven’t got around to finishing it. Plus I had a baby in September and I’m still, almost 6 months later, adjusting to my new normal. Ha! I left off in Lesson 10 with so much more to learn. I will be going through the course for 8 weeks starting March 23 with the new crew that enrolls and those that want a refresher in the course. This time through I’m going to fine tune what I’ve already learned and finish the course.

Invitation to Join

I would love for you to join me in Grocery Budget Bootcamp so you too can finally reduce your grocery budget and feel great about what you are doing as a good steward of your family funds! If you can save even $100 per month by doing this course, that would be $1,200 a year! What would you do with it? Imagine that savings every year after putting into practice what you learn in the course! Don’t wait because this course is only available twice per year!!

Enrollment is limited and only open until March 17, 2020.

You really have nothing to lose because Tiffany has a money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for?

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