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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Challenge


Are you paying WAY too much on groceries? Or do you have any idea what you are even spending on groceries? Do you want to eat higher quality food but think you can’t afford it? Are there things around the house that need replaced but are not in the budget right now? Are you wanting to plan for a vacation but think you have no way to save money for it? Join me for a challenge and let’s see if we can meet our goals together by saving on groceries!

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Personally, I know I am spending WAY too much on my groceries and I want to do better! I’m a stay at home mom and want to be a good steward of our household money. My husband works very hard, working double shifts on a weekly basis. He provides VERY well for our family. There is not a need for anything and he goes out of his way to spoil me on special occasions & holidays. I am truly blessed to have him!

So I am making it my priority to save as much as I can on groceries and other household goods to *at least* cover an extra shift here and there so he can spend time with us and have some down time just for him, doing things that he finds enjoyable.

This week I started a course called *Grocery Budget Bootcamp by Tiffany. Yep, I’m taking a class to learn how to shop properly! Because I’m obviously doing it wrong! I’m taking a course by a longtime blogger, who by using her system paid all their debt and paid cash for their house! Pretty amazing! I’ve been following her blog, Don’t Waste the Crumbs, for a few years now. She has so many helpful tips on saving money, DIY ideas, and delicious recipes. My favorite recipes are her Spatchcock Chicken and Black Bean Pumpkin Swirl Brownies. Yum!

Course Road Map

I’m SO excited about this course! I’ve been wanting to take it since last year. I talked to my husband and he approved me to take the course and we finally got our Costco membership too, which will obviously help us get better deals!

In addition to starting the *Grocery Budget Bootcamp, I also purchased her Frugal Real Food Meal Plans. Her meal plans are exactly what she feeds her family of 4. It includes the meal plans for 1 year, the shopping lists and the recipes. Wow!! I went grocery shopping the other day using her meal plan and saved $108.59 over last week’s shopping trips!!

Week 4/17-4/24
Week 4/25-5/2

There is an initial investment in getting this training and for the meal plan. The cost is $149 (lower priced plans are available but I chose Platinum) for the *Grocery Budget Bootcamp and $59.80 for the Frugal Real Food Meal Plans. With the savings on my shopping trip just the other day, I’ve already recovered the $59.80 I’ve spent on the meal plans and $48.70 towards the Grocery Budget Bootcamp. Woohoo! I can’t wait to see how this is going to help our family in the coming weeks as I go through the course!

We enjoyed our first new recipe from Tiffany’s meal plan the other night. It was super easy and tasty!

BBQ Baked Potato Bar with Side Salad

Here are some testimonials from others who have had success with the course:

"Almost done with week one. Went to the store with an actual list for the first time in forever. Stuck to it and spent about $75.00 less than “normal”!"
-Kathy from Utah

"My goal with GBB is not to decrease my budget, but to re-work it to allow me to spend the same amount on higher quality foods. I’m so excited to learn more!"
-Andrea from Kentucky

"I wanted to let you know the GBB has been fantastic for me and my husband. We’ve switched to higher quality food (meat, milk, eggs & mostly organic produce) that is necessary for our GAPS diet and managed to save money, about $200 a month at the same time. I couldn’t believe that we’re eating better and saving money! The course is fantastic, and I appreciated the Facebook live posts. I liked the group chats as well, as I learned a lot from other questions that were posed.

I’ll be honest too, I’m really glad I invested in the VIP option as I have lifetime access to complete at my own pace. Thank you for bringing your knowledge into my life so that I could make such profound changes to our budget, pantry and bank account!"
-Jamie from Illinois 

I would love for you to take this *Grocery Budget Bootcamp Challenge with me! I’m going to be working through the course over the next several weeks (or months haha!) while using her meal plans alongside and see what kind of savings I can do for my family. If you are struggling with your grocery bill I would love to work with you through this program together! I will be starting an exclusive, private Facebook Group for anyone who takes this challenge with me so we can share tips, encouragement and success!

The deadline for *Grocery Budget Bootcamp is April 30, 2019 at 11:59pm PST to get this low price. That is THIS coming Tuesday! The course will be available after that date but it will be higher in price. Sorry for the late notice but I just found out it was available on sale again and got this going myself! I’m working through Lesson 1 right now and would LOVE for you to join me! Are you in?

Update Tuesday 4/30:

Hey anyone who’s following along I’m up to Lesson 3 right now. This is what I’m learning so far:

Had I not completed these lessons in the course thus far, and gone on unchecked, I would spend AT LEAST $1,151.28 more this year than I should based on my figures since the beginning of this year! ?

What would you do with an extra $1,151.28?????

I’m very tempted to take this exercise through my last year of receipts just for kicks. But I’m almost afraid at what I will find though because I’ve toned it down quite a bit since last year. ???

Plus I’ve learned if I want my preferred food quality I HAVE to change where and how I shop or I will not meet my new budget goal. Plus I need to stop being slack and make my bread products, yogurt, broth, etc at home. I get busy/lazy and get out of the good habits I know I should be doing for our budget and better health reasons. This area is of course up to you. You don’t have to do all these things to make this Bootcamp work for you. These are just my personal preferences/goals. That’s what’s so great about it. You can work it how you want!

*Money Back Guarantee from Grocery Budget Bootcamp
*Payment Plan Available
*One on one support by me & my new GBB Dinner of Herbs FB support group
*Platinum Members also have additional FB support w/Tiffany
*Grocery Budget Bootcamp works with any diet because it teaches you principles and where/how to shop for your family’s specific dietary needs.

Grocery Budget Bootcamp Sale ENDS TONIGHT at 11:59pm so don’t miss out!!!

Join me in the course and get free FB support and one on one help. Let’s do this!!


Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #1
Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #2
Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #3

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