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FWBC Postpartum Pals: Who We Are

Today I want to share who we are and what we do as FWBC Postpartum Pals. First I’ll give a little history and our story. Then in another post next week I’ll tell you the steps on how you can create a similar group if you’d like to help postpartum moms in your church.

When Caleb was born we were blessed with a meal train from the ladies at our church. A meal train is where different ladies bring you a meal on a certain day, usually for a week. After just giving birth, let me tell you how nice it was to be spoiled by your friends in this way! And the food was delicious! You know I love trying new meals & recipes. 😉

Fast forward to last year. Our church had Midwives Rising come and teach classes on Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, and Postpartum. These classes were fantastic! I actually took them when I was pregnant as my midwife offers them to every mom while under her care.

The classes were very informative & eye opening. My good friend Sarah spoke to Mrs. Anderson & then posted in our church Facebook group her desire to start a support group for the postpartum ladies at church and called a meeting after one of the morning services. We had a handful of ladies come to the meeting showing interest in being a part of the group. We made some plans in the meeting and then Sarah & I got started on forming the group and our services. We started a Facebook group (FWBC Postpartum Pals) so we could make organizing easier & to reach out to others wanting to join. We posted the new group info on our church Facebook group with an invite to the ladies to join. We also printed some fliers to help spread the word to those not on Facebook.

As FWBC Postpartum Pals we offer a meal train every other day for a total of 7 days, phone support, online support in the private Facebook group, errands, laundry, a freezer meal party prior to birth & other needs as requested. The services are a la cart so mom chooses which services she wants and can of course, change her mind at anytime. These services are completely free, offered to every expecting mom and are carried out by our wonderful friends and members of FWBC. The only catch is that you must be a member and in good standing at FWBC to obtain services.

So far we have 35 Facebook members, 6 not on Facebook and many ladies who just chip in whenever they see a need. Since we started the group we have had a successful meal train for every postpartum lady who wanted one, along with various postpartum needs.

The participation and support from our wonderful ladies at church has been absolutely overwhelming. These dedicated ladies are always there to offer the much needed TLC and a warm meal at just the right time. Their outpouring of love and hard work make this group truly amazing. I’m sure I can speak for all the postpartum ladies when I say we love and appreciate them more than words can say! And being one of the admins who organize all the meals and postpartum help, I have to tell you that I just love working with these ladies. They are truly a blessing and I just adore each one of them!

If you are a member of FWBC and would like services or want to get involved please contact me or Sarah. We would love to have you join!

Do you have a similar support group at your church? Tell us about it! Or would you like to start one? Stay tuned for next week’s post on how to start your own postpartum support group at your church.

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