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Missions Conference 2020 Pastor Anderson

FWBC Missions Conference 2020

Faithful Word Baptist Church put on our 1st FWBC Missions Conference this last weekend. It was inspiring, informative, exciting and fun! It was filled with great preaching, learning, sweet fellowship, and wonderful testimonies from people all over the world. I was so pleased to hear this would be an annual event at our church!

The purpose of the Missions Conference was to get people fired up to go on missions trips to different places and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ so people will hear, believe, and be saved.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15 KJV

The Bible Way to Heaven

If you are not sure what the gospel is or how to be saved, please watch this video so you can see what this hype is all about. It’s the good news of the gospel!

The Bible Way to Heaven

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV

Fantastic Participation

Everyone who helped with preaching, organizing, giving a testimony, set up, filming, decorating, soul winning maps, cleaning, and so much more, did an outstanding job! The decorations were so festive and changed daily depending on what part of the world the focus was on that day. It was so fun singing Jesus Loves Me in English, Spanish, Yoruba, and Romanian. There was geographical trivia with prizes and popular snacks from the country/region of the day for people to try. There were little giveaway items for the kids to make it fun for them too. So much thoughtfulness and hard work went into this event!

We broke our church attendance record at the Wednesday night service and both of the Sunday services so ice cream was enjoyed by all after the services! Literally hundreds of people came to this event!

It was so awesome to be at this conference at our home church. We’ve had the pleasure of going to a great conference at another friend’s church but it is really special to be at one of these events at your own home church! Sadly, I missed the last 2 days of the conference due to illness but I was there in spirit, watching that live stream and enjoying every minute!

Incredible Preaching

Every sermon was packed with facts about the country/region of the day, lots of bible, information about the people there, the spiritual state, the receptiveness of the people, and encouragement for missions there.

“Australia: The Dry South Land”
“The Great Commission and Persecution”
“Deported but Not Aborted”
“The Spiritual Condition of Asia”
Living the Book of Acts in the Philippines
“The Navajo Nation”
“The Nobility of Belize”
“Cross-Cultural Evangelism”
“Hope for Europe”

Heartfelt Testimonies

We also heard some great testimonies from people all over the world that were heartfelt. Some brought tears, some were funny, and some sad, but all of them inspiring!

Testimonies from Africa and Australia
Testimonies from Asia
Testimonies from Canada, Mexico, Brazil
Testimonies from Europe

Breakout Learning Sessions, Soul Winning & a Movie

There were also breakout sessions for Tips on Learning a Foreign Language, Internet Technology and Evangelism, How to Organize a Missions Trip and Starting a Soul Winning Club in your area. So much helpful advice!

And, of course, actual soul winning! Soul winning both near the church and to the reservation. Participation was fantastic. During the conference there were 277 salvations!

Something else really cool was we all got to see the new film “Deported” by Paul Wittenberger and Framing the World in theatre. It was super intense! I was on the edge of my seat just about the whole time. This is definitely a must see film!

“Deported” Trailer

Total Success

I have loved seeing how this conference has been a HUGE success! It has inspired so many to preach the gospel, to go on missions and has also encouraged those who are in non-receptive areas. I pray those that feel alone in their country would be connected with those of like faith in their region as a result of this conference and be encouraged! Just yesterday a friend posted online how she went soul winning for the very first time while she was here and was able to be bold and confident to then give the gospel and win a lady to the Lord for the first time on her flight back home- all because she attended the missions conference! What a great testimony!

Our Story

My husband loves traveling. He has been to Belize a couple times with friends for missions already in the last couple years. Their group has already planned another trip for this year. Belize is an awesome place to go soul winning because it is so receptive. My husband says you easily can just talk to people in the street all day because people are out and about and actually want to talk. He says even the older people want to hear the gospel there which is usually not the case here in the States. Ever since my husband told me about their first trip I found it just incredible how receptive they are there and thought about how wonderful it would be to help get that many people saved at once.

Personally, I hate traveling. Dealing with TSA gives me so much anxiety. They’ve harassed me a couple times out of Baltimore with their perverted pat downs in the back with their supervisors, going through all my things on several occasions and confiscating Christmas gifts from family. Plus it’s stressful for me traveling with young children. I know these are somewhat selfish reasons not to travel for missions so I resolve to find a way to get over it and just go!

Even our son, Caleb, who is turning 4 years old next month, had a great time and was so inspired at the conference. He has been shouting at us Aussie/Oy! Aussie/Oy!, asking trivia questions about apples, singing Jesus Loves Me for the 1st time (even in the foreign languages LOL), giving away prizes and preaching about missions. He told me the other day he wants to go soul winning in Belize. In the video Joshua decides to sing along too! These boys just melt my heart!

Caleb & Joshua Singing Jesus Loves Me

Our Plan

So next year, if our finances allow, we plan to go on a family missions trip. In the mean time, this year my husband will go on the missions trip with our friends that they had already planned last year and I’ll continue soul winning here at home and maybe the reservations until next year. I would love to go to the Bahamas! But Belize sounds like a great place too!

Where will you go on a mission? Will you join us for the next FWBC Missions Conference? If you were at the conference, what was your favorite part?

Thank you to Pastor Anderson, our guest pastors, and everyone who participated in this amazing event! See you at the next Missions Conference!


Second Sunday Amanda

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  1. What a great review Amanda! Thank you for putting this together, you have summarized such an amazing week very well. One Romanian visitor told my husband and I that he had never flown before, and that this had been “the best week of his life”! We are also motivated as a family, and are hoping to go to on the Bahamas mission trip this year. My teen boys have a goal to become talkers soon and start winning souls to the Lord. Praise God for this 2020 missions conference. Thank you again. SF

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