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Faithful Word Flashback, Smashed Television

We own a television. We use it to play documentaries our church puts out or health documentaries we find interesting. We havn’t watched regular T.V. or movies in years. I’m not sure when my husband stopped but I’ve never known him to watch television. Though I will tell you when I quit watching.

In the early days of FWBC, Pastor Anderson preached a sermon outside on a lovely Sunday morning. Back then the church services were at the Anderson’s home. The chairs for seating the congregation were all lined up nicely in rows outside in the Anderson’s backyard. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was a perfect day for church services to be held outside! And what’s the special occasion? I knew it was going to be good-whatever it was!

Pastor Anderson began his sermon with an interesting story. I couldn’t tell who it was at first in the story, but I was thinking what a jerk! Haha! Then Pastor Anderson gave disturbing statistics & facts about television programs that I had never even thought of and preached bible teachings on why the television is sinful.

During his sermon he issued a challenge of not watching television for 4 weeks and if we succeeded, he would take us to the nicest restaurant in town. At the end of the sermon he demonstrated the perfect solution to helping you get rid of that television, once and for all. You’ll have to listen to the sermon. It is powerful!

I decided I would take that challenge. It wasn’t hard. This is how I did it: I got busy living life and getting more involved helping with things in the church and going soul winning and keeping things running smoothly at home. Piece of cake. Just stay busy. So I won the challenge and got to go out to eat with the Anderson family to Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe. Wow! The food was delicious and we had a great time in fellowship. Good times!


Will you take that challenge? Though the reward Pastor Anderson offered has expired! Lol The rewards today however will be getting right with God on this and a life filled with things you enjoy for yourself and not lived vicariously through others. A reward of spending time with your family. Doing a hobby you enjoy or even learning a new one. You can do this! You’ll never regret it and won’t look back.

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