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Faithful Word Flashback, Scary Soul Winning

Shortly after I started attending FWBC almost 12 years ago, I was in a terrible car accident. My car was a total loss and I broke a toe. At first I was in a cast, then transferred into a boot after that for final recovery the last couple weeks. Learning to get around on crutches was quite a challenge that took a few days.

Just before the accident Pastor Anderson had just preached on appropriate clothing for women and so needless to say I got used to wearing skirts and dresses pretty quick due to my cast and learning the right way to dress by God’s standards.

Mrs. Anderson had been teaching me soul winning as I tagged along as her silent partner. As a silent partner I would be praying for the people we would soon meet to be receptive and also learning the scriptures as I heard her use in giving the gospel door after door.

Not wanting to miss out on soul winning, I asked Mrs. Anderson if I borrowed a wheelchair from someone if she wouldn’t mind pushing me around so I could still participate. She kindly agreed.

So we were well on our way and soon came to a house that was in pretty bad shape, reeked of cat urine and motor oil, and oddly enough had empty cans of cat food lined up on top of a disabled vehicle and trash was everywhere. There was a very narrow path that led up to the side door under the carport that was cluttered with junk, more trash, & tools where he must’ve worked on cars. This place was making Sanford & Sons look tidy! It was the worst habitation I had ever seen up to that point. The strange & dirty man finally came out and Mrs. Anderson greeted him, invited him to church and asked him if he died today if he knew for sure he’d go to heaven. His eyes suddenly turned red and bulging and he exclaimed in a very scary possessed voice “There’s no nashing of teeth!!!!”.

Whoa! This was obviously not a good situation! Lol We got out of there as soon as we could and when we got a safe distance off Mrs. Anderson jokingly said something along the lines of leaving me there in my wheelchair while she escaped to safety. Whaaa?!? Haha She always likes to get my goat!

Mrs. Anderson was so thoughtful in getting me a bible (which I still use daily nearly 12 years later) and put all the labels on for the books. She taught me so much about soul winning, the Bible in general, family, how to bake an apple pie. So many fun things I can’t even list them all!

Though we don’t spend much time together anymore like in those early days, I’m so thankful for all she taught me and our soul winning adventures. Mrs. Anderson befriending me in those first days of me getting right with God was an absolute blessing to me that will always be treasured.

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3 thoughts on “Faithful Word Flashback, Scary Soul Winning

  1. This is such a sweet story. I’m so glad you had a Godly Woman to look up to. I think it makes a big difference in our spiritual growth. That is a pretty creepy story though!

  2. Mrs. Anderson made all the difference for me. She even brought me some chicken to eat after the accident! Lol She really helped me in so many ways, I’ll be forever grateful. Yeah that guy was super crazy! ?

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