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Christmas 2017

Hope everyone had a great Christmas season! We had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying family time with Jimmy’s parents and my mom, and reflecting on our 12 year church anniversary this Christmas. 







Jimmy’s parents spent a week with us from Maryland. Jimmy’s mom & dad played with the baby a lot which really helped me be able to get the meals & clean up done easier. And Dad even helped me shell pecans for the pecan pie we made. Which was pretty comical because I didn’t have a nut cracker so we subbed my husband’s tools instead while using extreme care not to crack the pecan inside. Dad was wondering if we’d make a tradition of that- haha! 




On Christmas Day after a Pumpkin Roll for breakfast and opening gifts the guys went to pick up my Mom. My Mom brought the cutest outfits for Caleb and new red kitchen towels for me. Getting new towels is one of my favorite pleasures. Mom helped me pull things together for dinner (Oh how I love her so!). After dinner we had a fun time reading Luke 2 together, singing Christmas hymns, visiting & playing with Caleb. My mom & I are always taking the pictures of everyone else & we missed getting one of her this year. Ugh! Next year that will be the 1st ones we get! 🙂 So I included one with her and Caleb on a recent visit so you get the idea of how much he loves his Gammy!


Caleb loves spending time with all of his grandparents. They all have such a great time together. It brings me such joy to hear him belly laughing as he plays with them.

My family is truly a blessing to me and I’m so thankful for them and their kindness. This year they all really spoiled me. Especially my husband, who never ceases to amaze me. I’m very grateful for his generosity and even more thankful for how he really knows and listens to me. His gift ideas were absolutely perfect & surprising this year.  I’m so lucky to have him! 

We also celebrated our 12 year church anniversary last week. I’m so glad to be part of such an amazing church. I’m looking forward to the next 12 years and seeing what exciting things we’ll be doing for the Lord!


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