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Chandler Soulwinning Marathon

The Chandler Soulwinning Marathon was an epic event that came about after one of our female soulwinners was thrown to the ground & arrested recently for essentially a failure to obey. It’s a sick world we live in where the police think they are God and instead of upholding the Constitutional and God given rights & freedoms of the people they are paid to “serve & protect”, they actually transgress the laws they swore to uphold & become an abusive government. 

For those of you who do not already know, soulwinning is when we show someone from the bible exactly how to be saved. We go door to door and invite people to church and then ask them if they know for sure they are on their way to heaven when they die. If they are interested, we share the Gospel with them. If they are not interested, we do not proceed. We tell them to have a great day and we go about our business. We do not solicit/sell anything and we do not stay where we are not wanted. It’s a waste of time. We are only interested in sharing the Gospel with people who are actually interested in what we have to say. 

Usually housing developments don’t cause too many issues with soulwinning. On occassion the police have been called while soulwinning in housing developments. One such occassion was in the early days of our church during a LADIES soulwinning time. The police were called and not 1 but 5 squad cars showed up to escort me and my fellow soulwinners out of the neighborhood for handing out anti-Obama literature. Haha! First of all we had no such literature, and, secondly, there is no law against that even if we did. Insert eye roll here.

However, apartment complexes are a whole different ball game. Apartment complex managers complain it is their private property and call the police. Apartment units are actually leased to individual tenants. Each tenant has a right to visitors of their own choosing. We give each tenant an opportunity to hear the Gospel.  Instead of the police upholding the law to allow each tenant the choice of whether to receive us as visitors, they demand we leave. Which is a direct violation of our rights to practice our religion AND a violation of the tenants to choose their visitors. More importantly, it is wicked and devilish to stop Christians from the work of God which is preaching the Gospel to those who actually want to hear the truth and be saved. God has reserved a special place for these people.

Proverbs 17:13  Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house. 
This curse is for you Donna Reno, and your mindless accomplices.

Our church was so appalled by this horrific treatment of our soulwinner, her daughter and several others who were also arrested that day, that we wanted to take a stand against this injustice. Many church members and even Christians from all around the country sent complaint letters to the Chandler Police Department & the Office of the Mayor & Council about this incident. 

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 

We then went soulwinning in the city of Chandler preaching the Gospel at homes and apartment complexes all over that city this past Saturday.  We not only had a huge amount of our local church congregation participating, but we also had members and pastors from other churches all over the country come out to support this cause. The police were called yet again by some apartment complex managers and harassed a few of our teams. No one was arrested this time. And we had great success! Many were saved as a result and many Christians that had never been soulwinning came to learn how to give the Gospel themselves. 

Just one of the teams of soulwinners. This was my team. 
Photo credit: Ramon Ventura
Our family photo at lunch. The sun was right in our eyes & Caleb’s mouth is full of chips! Haha!

The group of soulwinners, 294 strong was so large we had to break into two main groups and several teams within those groups to organize the soulwinning. We got these cool T-shirts Turn Chandler Orange as shown in the graphics. We flooded 2 Chandler Panera Bread locations for breakfast & again for lunch at each location. After soulwinning in the evening, we all headed back to the church building for cookies, hot cocoa and fellowship. And we heard the wonderful results…

Then we went back to the apartment complex where our soulwinners were arrested and did a flash mob of Christmas caroling in the courtyards.

Then we took it to the Chandler Police Department. And we sang, and we sang, and we sang! 

Results from the Sunday morning bulletin

It was just an awesome day all around! The joy then spilled into Sunday as well when we broke both the morning and evening church service attendance records! 

Thank you Pastor Anderson and for all who came to and prayed for this incredible & memorable event. We pray it will inspire more Christians everywhere to be bold and preach the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior.

If you are not sure about your salvation and want to know how to be saved, please watch this video. And if you are local, come and be a part of turning not only Chandler orange, but also the uttermost! God bless!

Romans 12:21 Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

7 thoughts on “Chandler Soulwinning Marathon

  1. Great article! It was a wonderful weekend and I was extremely blessed to take part. I only regret that the weekend flew by and I didn’t have time to fellowship with more if the awesome FWBC congregation. I guess that just means I’ll have to come back.

    1. Yes you’ll just have to come again! Ha! Time flies when we’re having fun that’s for sure. Thanks for coming out and supporting us!

  2. This is shameful if they come to your door you can say not interested and they will tell you to have a blessed day!!! as for the Chandler Police officer she need to be suspended for violation of rights and assault

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