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Grocery Budget Bootcamp Open Enrollment Spring 2020

I’m so excited to tell you that Grocery Budget Bootcamp Open Enrollment for Spring 2020 is finally here! If you have been wanting to enroll, wait no more! This is the course that has helped reduce my grocery budget close to $400 per month consistently since last May! Needless to say my husband is very pleased with the results! He even told his parents how proud of me he is for reducing our grocery bill! … Read MoreGrocery Budget Bootcamp Open Enrollment Spring 2020

Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #6 & Grocery Savings Made Simple

Would you like to know some simple ways to save money on your groceries? You will LOVE my friend Tiffany’s short video series on Grocery Savings Made Simple. These videos helped me learn so much and I started saving on my groceries the very next time I went shopping! In this post I’ll give you an update on my Grocery Budget Bootcamp journey, recap last years savings, and share with you the link to these free and very helpful videos! … Read MoreGrocery Budget Bootcamp Update #6 & Grocery Savings Made Simple

How to Achieve Goals

How to Achieve Your Goals and My Goals for 2020

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas & your New Year is heading off with a bang! I don’t know about you but I am excited for this new year! I’m working on improving in many different areas of life. As a Christian, wife, mother, homemaker, friend, blogger. So many things I am looking to accomplish this year! How can we actually attain our goals that we set? Let’s talk about how to achieve our goals! … Read MoreHow to Achieve Your Goals and My Goals for 2020

Woman with bag of groceries and piggy bank

Grocery Budget Bootcamp Update #4

I’m so excited to announce that for the month of July I kept my new grocery budget goal! This is the 3rd month in a row I’ve been able to keep that new budget. My new grocery budget goal I set is $600 per month for our family of 3. While this may still sound outrageous to some, it is a great start for our family, and also considering we eat almost everything organic. For us this is a HUGE savings because when I would have a typical month of grocery shopping I would spend anywhere from just under $800-1100, and usually on the higher end! Granted, my average before starting the Grocery Budget Bootcamp was just shy of $800 per month for the year but the only reason it averaged lower was due to being out of town for a week for one of the months that resulted in a super low bill that for that particular month, bringing my average much lower. Read on to see what I did this month that kept me in line with our new budget. … Read MoreGrocery Budget Bootcamp Update #4

girls cooking in kitchen

5 Kitchen Tips to Make Life Easier

Do you feel stressed when putting meals together for your family? It can sure be a challenge sometimes! Maybe you don’t even know what’s for dinner tonight, and/or you have littles under foot, or you forgot to defrost the meat yet again! Take a deep breath! You got this! This should go without saying but if the kids are old enough to help-let them! And even insist on it. It’s good for them to learn and good for you to have the help. Delegate mama, delegate! If they are too little to help, get them a pot and a whisk to play with and ask them to “help” you make something while you cook. Read on for some other very practical ways your time in the kitchen can be more enjoyable. … Read More5 Kitchen Tips to Make Life Easier

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