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Nest with eggs-Getting Ready for Baby

Getting Ready for New Baby-My Top 20 Nesting Tips

This week I’m 40 weeks pregnant so we are anxiously waiting baby’s arrival! There are a few odd and end things I’d like to tie up before baby comes, but overall I’m as ready as I can be. I’m not looking forward to the labor process, although I can’t wait to meet our new little one! I want to share with you things that I have done in getting ready for our new baby. I’ll include my top 20 nesting tips and a free printable checklist so you can be prepared for your new bundle of joy too! … Read MoreGetting Ready for New Baby-My Top 20 Nesting Tips

Date Night Ideas

My husband and I recently decided to start a date night to make sure we are spending fun quality time together. It’s easy to get caught up in work, house, & kids. Babies and toddlers easily steal the show with their needs and cuteness that sometimes we forget that we still need to put time and effort into our marriage to keep it strong. We are still newlyweds really. Married for close to 3 1/2 years. Things are going great and we want to keep it that way. Many couples do a date night so we decided we wanted to do it too! When we were planning it out I reached out to a few of my friends that do date nights and asked them for ideas and they gave me some great tips.  … Read MoreDate Night Ideas

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