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Chandler Soulwinning Marathon

The Chandler Soulwinning Marathon was an epic event that came about after one of our female soulwinners was thrown to the ground & arrested recently for essentially a failure to obey. It’s a sick world we live in where the police think they are God and instead of upholding the Constitutional and God given rights & freedoms of the people they are paid to “serve & protect”, they actually transgress the laws they swore to uphold & become an abusive government. … Read MoreChandler Soulwinning Marathon

The REAL Grand Canyon & Soul-winning on Navajo Reservation

Recently our church took a trip to Tuba City to preach the gospel to those on the Navajo reservation. The Friday & Saturday that we were there we had over 100+ soul-winners attend and 121 salvations. It was amazing! We also got to see a view of the REAL Grand Canyon that most don’t getRead MoreThe REAL Grand Canyon & Soul-winning on Navajo Reservation

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