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Chandler Soulwinning Marathon

The Chandler Soulwinning Marathon was an epic event that came about after one of our female soulwinners was thrown to the ground & arrested recently for essentially a failure to obey. It's a sick world we live in where the police think they are God and instead of upholding the Constitutional and God given rights & freedoms of the people they are paid to "serve & protect", they actually transgress the laws they swore to uphold & become an abusive government. … Read MoreChandler Soulwinning Marathon

Our Recent Church Picnic & Date Night Outing

Photo Credit: Ramon Ventura Recently my husband and I started doing a weekly date night. You can read all about our date night bloopers, sweet success and some date night ideas here.  It’s been awesome having this time with my man! So in October, (I know I’m really behind on posting this ha!) we hadRead MoreOur Recent Church Picnic & Date Night Outing

The REAL Grand Canyon & Soul-winning on Navajo Reservation

Recently our church took a trip to Tuba City to preach the gospel to those on the Navajo reservation. The Friday & Saturday that we were there we had over 100+ soul-winners attend and 121 salvations. It was amazing! We also got to see a view of the REAL Grand Canyon that most don’t getRead MoreThe REAL Grand Canyon & Soul-winning on Navajo Reservation

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