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Busy Family Menu Planning Cookbook Now Available!

It’s the moment so many of us have been waiting for! Mrs. Anderson’s Busy Family Meal Planning Cookbook is finally available for Pre-Order! This is an amazing cookbook & meal planner. Read on to find out why I can’t wait to get my hands on my very own copy!!

This is NOT an affiliate post. However, because Mrs. Anderson is very generous, I will be getting a free copy of the cookbook along with all the other ladies at my church. Just another perk of being an FWBC member. 😉

This is an extraordinary cookbook! This cookbook includes 1o weeks of meals, with full recipes for 5 breakfasts and 5 dinners plus a dessert for each week. The recipes all have color photos and comes complete with the weekly shopping list. You can simply go on auto-pilot here ladies! Just copy your shopping list from the book on the machine or take a pic with your phone & go grocery shopping! Or if you pre-order before December 12th, you’ll also receive the shopping lists for all 10 weeks in a PDF printable file. Whoohoo! No more planning or writing out a shopping list. Just print it right off & go! So convenient and easy!

I’ve really enjoyed making all the recipes for Weeks 1 and 4. They have all been delicious and easy to prepare. These meals are husband and toddler approved! The ingredients are all normal ingredients that you would find in any kitchen of a family who eats whole foods and easily find at the grocery store. The shopping list is very organized by grocery department so it’s easy to read and follow while doing your actual shopping.

Cinnamon Crumb Cake. Look at this moist, fluffy crumb!
Mixing up Pizza Sauce for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Potato & Leek Soup
Buttermilk Pancakes. So fluffy & light! Added blueberries for fun. 
Blueberry Almond Corn Muffins were so good Caleb took mine too!

Even though this cookbook is an amazing asset for large families, small families will treasure it as well.  You can scale down the recipes (or scale up for bigger families), or just cook as the recipe indicates and freeze any leftovers for easy meals later on. Along with the above mentioned benefits, I loved that for one week of meals it actually turned out to be 2 weeks of meals for my family of 3 (me, my husband & toddler). Nice!! Not only did the meals last for 2 weeks but I also went to the grocery store only the 1st week of the 2 weeks when I usually go every week. Which obviously saved on our weekly grocery bill and was a HUGE time saver for me. Awesome! I made the recipes as written in the book, sent my husband to work with leftovers for lunch and then froze the rest for easy freezer meals the following week. It was great to have that 2nd week be an easy week with meals because it just so happened that I had several appointments that next week. It made my life a whole lot easier to just reheat those meals I had already prepared! And they were just as tasty the 2nd time as they were the 1st time.

Some of our favorites were the Carnitas Bowls, Breakfast Burritos, Taco Pasta, Pot Roast, Pork Chili Verde, Banana Bread Pancakes. Oh they were all so good! It’s hard to choose favorites! In the Basics and Extras section you’ll find delicious recipes like Sauces, Breads & Sides and Seasonings. The Cilantro Rice & Biscuits are delish!

Check out this video from Framing the World where Mrs. Anderson tells you about her fabulous cookbook.

I highly recommend this cookbook and am SO excited to get my very own copy very soon! I also purchased one for my Mom for Christmas. She already knows so don’t bother trying to spill the beans! Ha!

Husbands you should really consider this as a gift for your wife for Christmas as you will also LOVE her cooking these meals for you all year long! And she will probably be much less stressed already having the meals planned out with full recipes and shopping list to boot! Show your wife some love!

If you pre-order now, you’re guaranteed to receive by Christmas if you live in the US. If international, delivery is not guaranteed before Christmas, but chances are good that you would receive it in time.

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