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5 Kitchen Tips to Make Life Easier

Do you feel stressed when putting meals together for your family? It can sure be a challenge sometimes! Maybe you don’t even know what’s for dinner tonight, and/or you have littles under foot, or you forgot to defrost the meat yet again! Take a deep breath! You got this! This first tip should go without saying, so it’s free, but if your kids are old enough to help-let them! And even insist on it. It’s good for them to learn and good for you to have the help. Delegate mama, delegate! If they are too little to help, get them a pot and a whisk to play with and ask them to “help” you make something while you cook. Read on for 5 more very practical ways your time in the kitchen can be more enjoyable.

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And without further ado!
Here are my top kitchen tips!

1. Kitchen Arrangement – Arrange your kitchen in a way that makes sense to how you do food prep and cook. You will be able to work faster and be more efficient if you are organized and know where things are. For example, pots & pans in a lower cabinet by the stove, spices either on a spice rack by the stove or in an upper nearby cabinet (or both if you’re like me & have a lot of spices), cooking oils in cabinet nearby stove (but not too close), cooking utensils in a utensil holder by the stove, and keep your main cutting board on the counter by your knife set or in a cabinet directly below.

Cooking utensils & spices by the stove.
Also pictured is my new Instant Pot decal!
Keep your main cutting board on the counter by your knives and all others in cabinet just below.

2. Keep cleaning supplies handy – I use a little kitchen caddy in the sink for scrubbies, small brushes, and plastic scrapers for quick access. 

sink caddy with sponges
Sink caddy

3. Use a meal planner –Download my free printable to help you plan out your meals for the week. Planning your meals ahead of time can not only save you money but also save you stress about what you’re going to feed your family when you’ve already had a busy day and your husband is hungry and on his way home. 

printable weekly meal planner
Try my free Printable Weekly Meal Planner!

4. Use the right tools for the job – Just as your husband at his job needs the right tools to do his job effectively, you also need the right kitchen accessories and equipment to do your job efficiently. My husband always says “Let me help you help me”. Haha! He’s usually eager to get me what I need to make meals & prepare food. Some of my favorites are: 

❤️ Coffee Pot-Of course! Or nothing else gets done haha! I especially like my model because when it’s just me I can use the single serve side and when I have company I can make a whole pot. No special pods required. Just use regular coffee grounds! The one I own and LOVE is this one. If you only need a single brew, the one below is on Amazon Prime right now for 42% off!

❤️ Stand Mixer-Making bread, tortillas, cakes, fresh whipped cream, and biscuits are just a few things I use mine for. This is like the one I own and love. The one pictured below is a great deal on Amazon Prime right now for 20% off!

❤️ Food Processor-This gem does everything from grading cheese, grinding meat for homemade chicken nuggets, blending fresh pesto or salsa, shredding zucchini for chocolate cake or cabbage for coleslaw. This appliance saves me a lot of work! And money too because you know that foods already prepared in this way cost a lot more! The one I linked here is the one my sweet husband just got for me and I love it! It’s a cool stackable style that is easy to use & super fast! If you want a fancier model that’s a blender/food processor combo, you can check out the one below. It’s on Amazon Prime right now for 20% off!

❤️ Instant Pot-This pot is truly amazing! Not only is dinner on the table in a fraction of the time, you can cook a huge chunk of frozen meat or other freezer meals from frozen, cook a whole chicken in 30 mintues, sauté onions & bell peppers or brown meat first and then pressure cook or slow cook in the same pot, make yogurt, bone broth, rice, beans and even cook a delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes at the same time! Seriously, I don’t even know how I made it before this appliance! Total game changer. Right now with Amazon Prime, this wonder pot is 50% off!!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet,
try it for free and get in on these great deals!

5. Save Money on Groceries – Since I started learning the best ways to shop, better meal planning strategies and how to set a monthly budget for groceries that worked with our food preferences (we eat mostly organic), our family has saved $950 in just 2 months. Check out my posts on Grocery Bootcamp and join me so you can start saving too! The best thing for me about saving that much money on groceries is seeing how pleased my husband is with the results! I love it when my husband is happy! 

Hope you have found these tips helpful! What are some things you do to make the most of your kitchen? 


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