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5 Fun Things To Do with Your Kids

Today I just wanted to share some fun & every day things you can do with your kids to show them you love them, that they are important to you, and that you enjoy spending time with them. And share with you what inspired me to write this post.

Recently my friend and pastor’s wife, Mrs. Anderson, put out a video called Having Pleasant Children. Another friend, who is also a pastor’s wife, Mrs. McMurtry, put out a blog post called Does Attachment Parenting Spoil Children? I encourage you to check these out. These moms of many share so much wisdom on having a close bond with your children and why it is absolutely vital to your child’s well being. These posts were so helpful and really touched my heart. I instantly thought of things I needed to improve on, ways I could enjoy being with my son more (and the baby on the way!) and ways I could continue to win my children’s heart. Some things that are critical to our children’s growth is showing them lots of affection (hugs/kisses/touch), gentleness when we speak to them, and simple things like just smiling at them often. They both also talked about the closeness you should have with your children from very early on, starting in pregnancy and continuing in each stage of growth. It totally made me miss the times of breastfeeding and early bonding with Caleb and has me looking forward to it all again with this new baby coming!

Here are some fun, simple and everyday things that you can do to foster a loving & close bond with your children.

❤️ Pretend Play-Kids have a wonderful imagination. They love to pretend play so many things. Some of our favorites right now are playing gas station, talking on the phone, playing church and police officer. Caleb calls his Grandma on my side (he calls her Mum), MiMi & Papa, Daddy when he’s at work and his friend baby Bess on his play phone. Of course we talk to them often for real but he likes to call them on his little smartphone too. He loves to preach and song lead so we play along often. He’s also been pretending to take Daddy to jail recently. This morning he wanted to take me to jail for the first time and I told him “Only Daddy’s go to jail, Mommy’s don’t go to jail.” Haha! When we play out front he rides up in his car where I’m sitting and asks “Gas please!” I fill his little car’s tank using an old watering can for a gas can, charge him $5 in his play money and say “Thank you! Come again!”. He will come back a couple minutes later on his train, bicycle or scooter to buy more gas. And he likes washing his car. He’s adorable. Whatever your child is pretending, just play along and see their delight. 

Caleb paying for gas in play car

❤️ Bake/Cook/Make Something Together-Make some cookies, breakfast, or ice cream together. It doesn’t matter what you make together. Preferably something easy so you’re feeling fun and can do this activity not feeling stressed. Send a fun video to Daddy at work. 

We sent this video to Daddy at work for fun!

❤️ Read Books-Reading to your children is important for their learning but is also a very enjoyable activity. Caleb loves to read books together. Books about trains, fire trucks and race cars are his favorites. Often times he enjoys the same books again and again. We read the Bible together of course, but other books before nap time and before bedtime for sure and any other time we can squeeze in a good book! 

❤️ Play Games-Kids love to play games! All kinds of card games or board games. So many choices out there. Caleb loves to play Hungry Hippo and Uno. He’s hilarious because he calls out Uno through out the whole game-not fully understanding yet-but he really has a great time. And it’s a fun way to work on learning and remembering his colors and numbers. 

❤️ Let Kids “Help”– Kids love to be with you and feel a part of the team. Caleb jumps in to help put laundry in washer/dryer, push the clean clothes basket to the bedroom, folds wash rags and matches socks. He empties the bathroom trash. He vacuums with his little popper and runs into my vacuum while I’m vacuuming, he wipes the kitchen table and counters to get ready to eat. Saturday he played with the clipper accessories while I cut Daddy’s hair and when I asked him for the little brush he would gladly assist. Whatever I’m doing, he just loves to “help”. And I let him as much as possible because I want him to like working when he grows up, to help others, and to feel loved, needed and wanted in our home. 

Our job as moms is so important. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about our total responsibility to our children in raising them. When we are feeling that way, let’s just stop what we are doing and go play, cuddle and enjoy them while we can! I hope that you find these ideas helpful and they inspire you to create and nurture a loving relationship with your children. What are some fun things you do with your kids? 

2 thoughts on “5 Fun Things To Do with Your Kids

  1. That photo of Caleb paying for gas is priceless, I love that photo very much!
    I love reading with Nathanael, he points to everything so I can tell him the word for it.
    He loves going around in the kitchen with his tiny stainless steel pots and spoons and he stirs it like he’s making food. I call him Chef in the kitchen and he’s always making sure to wear his oven mit, for safety of course. ?
    He also loves to bring me his Hot Wheels case and play with all his cars, we race with them while making car sounds and he finds it very funny.
    He is a good help when it comes to cleaning as well, he wipes down the floor and picks up his toys!
    I love this age because the more silly you are, the better time they have!

    1. Aww!! Nathanael is such a sweet little ham!!! You can tell that boy is showered with love. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together. I love hearing him laugh, when he gets really tickled. He is SO cute! You’re totally right-the sillier the better! 😉

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