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Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. Proverbs 15:17
In recent months this verse has really grown on me. My husband and I want to put up more scripture in our home and I was looking for something to put up in my kitchen. My kitchen is a southwestern theme with chili peppers. I thought this verse was perfect! I’m still working on the piece for my kitchen as I want to combine images of cilantro and red chili peppers. It is a work in progress. 

But the more I meditate on this verse, the more and more I love it! No, I’m not vegetarian so please don’t panic and think I’m going to post dinner recipes without meat on a regular basis. 

It is just a great reminder to us wives how our behavior can really affect those around us. 

Think about what this verse is saying. I see it like this. As much as our husbands love meat and think they must have it practically at every meal, our husbands would rather eat a salad with his loving wife than to come home and eat a steak dinner with his brawling, cruel & hateful wife. 
Being happily married for just over 3 years we are still newlyweds compared to many couples. Sure, we’ve had things we’ve disagreed on just like any other couple. It’s just how we choose to handle those differences that really helps us stay close and happy. Plus we were both alone for so many years we are just REALLY grateful to have each other. 

It is my hearts desire for me to keep my husband happy and coming home to me for the rest of our lives. So I try to go out of my way everyday to do those things I know he likes and to avoid those things that I know upset him. I’m not perfect at it by any means. That is why I like the above verse so much, to help keep my focus. 

It is vital for a happy marriage that women show their husband’s the utmost respect, giving them reverence. And in obeying them. These things are important to men. The Bible teaches these principles very clearly and if we are wise as wives we will follow them to keep our husbands happy. And guess what? When they are happy, they will do just about anything we like because they love us and we make them happy.

My new vision for the blog is to add more tried and true dinner recipes and to be an encouragement to other ladies who also want to have a great marriage. I’m also going to be hand making various kitchen items with Proverbs 15:17 as a fun way to keep this verse handy. This trivet is the 1st item that will soon be available for purchase. 

Please be on the look out for my new blog Dinner of Herbs coming soon and don’t forget to Follow! Check back next week for a trivet giveaway!! 


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