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1st FWBC Postpartum Pals Appreciation Party

We had a wonderful time at the 1st FWBC Postpartum Pals Appreciation Party! We wanted to show our sincere thanks for all the work our volunteers do in helping postpartum moms in our church. It was so heartwarming to see a lot of the ladies from our group come to this fun celebration!

If you don’t know who we are, you can read about us on my post FWBC Postpartum Pals: Who We Are

To kick off the party we, of course, wanted to tell the ladies just how much we appreciated them and their thoughtfulness to care for others & how they are such a blessing to all of us. For the newer ladies we also explained a little bit about how we got started as an official support group, though really we have always had “postpartum pals” at FWBC. Mrs. Anderson ran the meal trains in the early days and then Mrs. Samantha Rodriguez ran it for years after that. There has always been a spirit of helpfulness at our church.

A few things have been added to that original meal train care. We now have more members because the church has grown exponentially, some new various support needs, a Facebook support group, and an Email Newsletter for those ladies not on Facebook. Since last year when we started our official group we have grown to over 50 members and helped 20 postpartum moms with a 7 day meal train or other various needs with the overwhelming support and hard work of our lovely volunteers. These ladies are fabulous!!

Mrs. Anderson spoke with us on Ecclesiastes 11, (which just happens to be our church memory passage right now!) and expounded the scripture to us and how it relates to birth, postpartum & our support group. It was absolutely beautiful and I so regret not getting it on video! She then led us in prayer and presented the delicious Mediterranean spread the church had graciously catered in especially for the party.

After lunch we discussed etiquette for volunteers and moms. This was so important to cover. As you can imagine running a group like this all kinds of crazy things can happen. And ladies can get upset, angry or hurt. So we did some housekeeping in hopes of preventing as many problems as possible. We have such an amazing group of ladies and we certainly want to keep it that way!






Mrs. Anderson elaborated on points during my discussion from time to time, offering sound postpartum & general mom advice. One of my favorites was when someone told her when asked how long it takes for getting back to normal after childbirth that NEVER was the answer! Haha! I feel that there is definitely some truth to that! It was such a blessing to me that she was there, adding that special touch to our party.

Then we played a couple games to finish in fun fellowship. We played a variation of White Elephant, except the gift was to be something from your home that you no longer use. Maybe some kitchen gadget or household item. It certainly gave the game an interesting twist & more laughter. One lady commented “Ms. Amanda! I thought you said we were suppose to bring something used from home! A lot of this stuff looks brand new!” I laughed & replied “Well, if we never use it of course it will be new!” And we also played a neat game about getting to know our friends in the group and we learned some fun facts about each other. This party was truly an enjoyable event!

A very special thank you to Pastor Anderson & Mrs. Anderson for allowing us to have this group and for catering the party, to all our lovely ladies, and to the volunteers who helped with set up/clean up, decorations, pictures and games. Thank you to all who were able to come & enjoy this wonderful, special time with us. Memories from this party will be cherished always!

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